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Valenzia Algarin portrays Mysterious MARIA from True Blood!!

Valenzia Algarin originates from Boston, MA. Father Carlos Algarin is of Puerto Rican descent & Mother Mercedes Algarin is of Dominican descent.. Valenzia's love of acting blossomed into a career that began on stage & transitioned into the film industry. Before arriving in Los Angeles, Algarin hosted for & Starred in many independent films in the Boston area. Algarin, who is represented by Donnice Wilson of Ducklit Productions & Management, signed with "Coast to Coast" a top commercial model/print agency in Los Angeles. Some of her stage credits include: The Piano Lesson by brilliant and well-known playwright August Wilson; Laundry & Bourbon, Biloxi Blues, & a Hat Full of Rain. Algarin's television credits include a starring role in Eden, a series pilot for HBO based on a woman's rendition of OZ; Jimmy Kimmel Live, MTV Puerto Rico, Mind of Mencia, Cold Case, & Southland, just to name a few. Other credits include a number of national commercials in both the Hispanic & American Markets. Algarin endeavors to work on films & characters that challenge her ability as an actor. "The more a film is characterized as raw & real, the more I am determined to master the role" Algarin said in an interview. A case in point is the film "Hard Silence (Silencio Fuerte)" where Algarin guides an exceptional, internal performance as "Karla", a young girl who is physically, mentally, and sexually abused by her mother. Valenzia has received many accolades & rave reviews for her brave & memorable work as Karla....

The multi-faceted & talented Algarin has performed many one-woman shows & is working on her music/spoken word artistry in collaboration with the highly acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer Margo Thunder (9.9, Lady Soul). Algarin makes her debut on Thunder's latest CD, "R&B 101", using her melodious voice to perform her spoken word poetry in the song "With Open Arms". You can also watch Valenzia in action on the Hit HBO Series "True Blood" as the Recurring Character of the Mysterious & Striking "Maria", Introduced to us all in Season 4... Valenzia Algarin's primary goal, as she captivates the world with her talent, is to gain the respect of both her peers and her audience as they watch her perform and transition into a Leading Lady!

Dona45 (talk) 21:28, August 21, 2012 (UTC)

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