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"Are you telling me you date raped Terry Bellefleur? How's that even possible?"
―Tara to Arlene[src]
Tara maryann

Tara stays at Maryann's temporary home for about a month, and while there she becomes closer with Eggs.("Nothing but the Blood") Eventually, Tara finds out more about Eggs' past as a criminal and he makes it clear that he is interested in her.("Keep This Party Going")

Although Sam warns Tara to stay away from Maryann, she remained beside her new friend as a way of being close to Eggs, with whom she began a relationship shortly afterward.("Scratches")

Tara then moves in to Sookie's house until she can get fully squared away with her problems, and while there was given a birthday surprise by Maryann, Eggs, and Karl. During the party, as Maryann began expanding her power over the Bon Temps citizens, Tara and Eggs had sex. ("Shake and Fingerpop") When the real owner of the estate comes back from Peru, Maryann leaves her estate and convinces Tara to let her stay at Sookie's house.("Never Let Me Go")

Tara eggs

A few days later Tara and Eggs are sent on a two hour drive to a nearby town to pick up a part for the house's broken water heater. On the way there, Eggs somehow knows what is coming around the next turn and he tells Tara to stop the car so he can investigate. They enter the woods and keep going for about a mile. They see a small area where large rocks are arranged in a circle. Eggs begins to freak out knowing he's been there but having no recollection of actually being there. He soon notices blood covering some of the rocks. They soon leave the area. The following night, Tara and Eggs return to the Stackhouse residence and discover the house littered with trash and a trail of clothes. They follow the trail which leads them to an orgy being hosted by none other than Maryann. Tara appears interested in Maryann's vibrating and dancing before both her and Eggs are taken under her control. When Sam is brought with the help of Daphne, Tara convinces him to just 'give in' to Maryann's influence before joining the crowd in dancing wildly.("Hard-Hearted Hannah")

TB 0010

The following day, Tara and Eggs regain consciousness on the couch and have no memory of what took place last night, except for finding the trail of clothes. While they're watching a movie, Maryann returns to Sookie's house with bloody feet and a dead rabbit. She asks Maryann about the mess and tells her that she cannot do whatever she wants in Sookie's house. Maryann however, distracts her with her compliments. Now at Merlottes', Arlene interrupts Tara and Eggs kissing and they retreat to the bathroom to talk in private, only to find Lafayette putting on his makeup. After he leaves, Arlene informs Tara that she blacked out and has no memory of last night. Tara realizes that she also cannot remember what happened. Andy comes in, with a broken arm and a fury that he's saving for Terry. He shouts at the bar patrons. He knows that he saw them last night and that they turned Bon Temps into "Orgy from Hell" before leaving. The bar patrons laugh at his seeming-to-be crazy action although Sam is the only one that knows Andy is telling the truth.("Release Me")

Tara remains at Merlottes with Lafayette who is predicting her future with cards. Eggs abruptly comes in, shaken and worried. He informs her that he blacked out again. Tara takes Eggs home while Lafayette remains suspicious of Eggs.


In an attempt to make Eggs feel better, Maryann makes a hunter souflee, the main ingredient being Daphne's heart. Eggs and Tara eagerly inhale the delicious meal before Maryann begins using her influence on them again. This causes then to mercilessly and delightfully slap and punch each other.("Timebomb")

Tara and Eggs, with multiple bruises, enter Merlottes and Lafayette instantly notices his cousin's bruises. He automatically blames Eggs, while Tara says she cannot remember. Lafayette doesn't buy it and is about to engage in a fight with, but Tara leaves with Eggs. Eggs, Tara, and Maryann are then playing a no-rule game of poker when Lafayette and Lettie Mae interrupt. They demand for Tara to come with them but she refuses. Maryann then takes control of Tara again and while she is fighting her mother, Lafayette is fighting Eggs. Seizing the opportunity, Lafayette grabs Tara and stuffs his screaming cousin into his car. He and his aunt take Tara to his house.("I Will Rise Up")

Tara begins to chant the words Maryann was thinking and saying earlier, which annoys Lafayette enough to slap his cousin. Lettie Mae and Lafayette blame themselves for Tara's involvement with Maryann's powers. Lafayette calls Sookie, who has returned to Bon Temps and in her house to find Tara. He asks her to come to his house and help Tara. Sookie and Bill arrive at Lafayette's house and they use their combined powers to release Tara from Maryann's supernatural influence. Sookie also sees the recent chain of events Tara engaged in while Sookie was in Dallas. Tara, now free from Maryann's powers, cries for her mother. She embraces both Lafayette and her mother before realizing that Eggs is still in danger. When she attempts to make a run for it, Lafayette stops her.("New World in My View")


Tara tactfully uses her mother's faith in Jesus to her advantage and is able to leave for Eggs. When she arrives at Sookie's house, she finds Eggs still under Maryann's influence and tries to convince him to leave with her. Maryann confronts Tara and tells her that Tara summoned her to Bon Temps by Miss Jeanette's ritual. This ritual, though not meant to be real, actually called the maenad to the town. Tara, resenting Maryann's kindness and pleading for Eggs and her release, annoys Maryann to the point where she'll simply regain control over her. This proves to be unsuccessful since Tara is concentrated on her and prevents her influence from possessing her. It lasts until Maryann punches Tara which breaks her focus and she is under her control again. That same night, Sookie returns to her house to search for Tara and finds both Tara and Eggs decorating a nest with an ostrich egg in the center. Sookie screams upon seeing Lafayette also under Maryann's control. ("Frenzy")


Tara appears to be a bridesmaid for Maryann along with Arlene and Jane Bodehouse. Tara places the ostrich egg into the space on the statue of meat. When Sookie destroys the egg and knocks over the statue, Maryann begins vibrating again. She is mentally hurting the possessed Bon Temps residents before the angered maenad chases Sookie into the woods. Once Maryann is killed by the plan Sam and Bill orchestrated, everyone is freed from her control. Tara tries to calm down a confused and scared Eggs, who's hands are bloody. Tara apologizes for allowing Maryann to move in and tells Sookie of her reasons but Sookie assures her that they're family.

The next day, the bar patrons are talking about their suspicions of last night when everything else seems to go back to normal. Later that night, Eggs confronts Andy with a large hunting knife. The same one he used on Miss Jeanette, Daphne Landry, and Sam Merlotte. He received this information with the help of Sookie's telepathy. Eggs starts getting violent and Jason fires his gun, fatally shooting Eggs in the head. The gunshot is heard and the bar patrons, along with Tara, go out to see the commotion. Tara instantly breaks down at the sight of Eggs and begins crying and shouting in denial. ("Beyond Here Lies Nothin'")

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