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"Don't say that. Women say that, everything goes black and I wake up surrounded by body parts."
―Franklin to Tara[src]

After Eggs Talley is accidentally killed by Jason Stackhouse, Tara becomes increasingly distraught and depressed. After finding out that Sookie used her telepathy to help Eggs remember what he did during the blackouts that Maryann caused, Tara is at a point close to choking Sookie with her bare hands. Only by Lafayette's interference, Tara was prevented from killing her best friend.

After Lattie Mae invited a preacher to console Tara during her ordeal, Tara excused herself to take a shower. While Lattie Mae was distracted, Tara proceeded to swallow several bottles of pills in an attempt to commit suicide.

Tara gets involved in a love affair with vampire Franklin Mott. He saves her from two rednecks in Merlotte's parking lot and the two have sex. ("It Hurts Me Too") Franklin glamours her for information about Sookie and then takes her to Jackson, Mississippi and keeps her hostage in the King's mansion. ("9 Crimes")

Tara escapes by bludgeoning Franklin's head with a mace. ("I Got a Right to Sing the Blues")

Tara franklin

Tara with Franklin after their first tryst.

Tara and Sookie escape the mansion together but split up so Sookie can find Bill and Tara can find a car. While she's trying to find a way to get off of the property, she meets Alcide for the first time. ("I Got a Right to Sing the Blues")

She and Alcide get his truck and find Sookie in the "slave quarters". Tara thinks Bill is officially dead but Sookie explains that he would look like Lorena (who was a puddle of goo at that point). Tara is disgusted by what she sees while Sookie starts to remove the silver manacles and chains from Bill.

Debbie Pelt walks in with a hand gun and points it at Alcide. Alcide tries to talk Debbie down but fails after Sookie calls her a bitch. Tara speaks to Sookie telepathically and tells her to do something to distract Debbie. Sookie says no at first but Tara encourages her and Sookie screams. Debbie becomes distracted and Tara attacks her, slamming her against a wall. Bbecause Tara drank so much vampire blood her stamina and strength were enhanced. Alcide grabs the gun just as Cooter comes in.
3x09 -franklin finds tara

Franklin kidnaps Tara

Coot makes a move towards Alcide but he shoots him in the chest. Coot then tries to morph into his wolf form but Alcide shoots him in the head.

After Alcide locks Debbie in the shack, Tara and Sookie roll Bill up in a carpet and carry him out to the truck. Sookie stays with Bill in the back while Tara and Alcide get into the front. As they are leaving, Alcide runs over another wolf. Tara is surprised by this. After they get out and are miles away from the mansion, Alcide tells Tara to breath. Eventually they pull over so Alcide can relieve himself and Tara checks on Sookie. Sookie doesn't answer to Tara's bangs on the back door of the truck.

Tara preparing to attack Franklin.

Tara opens the back of the truck and is shocked to see that Sookie is unconscious and bleeding. Tara kicks Bill out of the truck and she cradles Sookie while Alcide closes the door and drives off without Bill.

Tara and Alcide wait in the waiting room of the hospital. They are eventually told by a doctor that Sookie is in a coma and does not have a blood-type. Tara calls Jason to tell him about Sookie. She and Alcide wait in Sookie's room. When Jason and Lafayette arrive, Tara tells them that Sookie was attacked by Bill and that she has no blood-type. Eventually Bill arrives at the hospital.
Tara Jason

Tara with Jason at the hospital.

Tara is livid and shocked when Jason decides to let Bill give Sookie his blood. She objects but Jason tells her that it is his decision. After a while, Tara falls asleep against Jason while they wait for Sookie to wake up. ("Hitting the Ground")

After Sookie recovers, Lafayette takes care of Tara and asks her is she still has suicidal tendencies. Tara reveals that she has never realized how much she wants to live. She remains troubled after her experience with Franklin and argues with Sookie about Bill. Back at Merlotte's, she spills a bottle of Tru Blood which triggers a memory of Franklin. Sam finds her crying and hugs her, and warns Tommy not to approach Tara. ("Night on the Sun")

Tara then finds comfort in Sam Merlotte again. He reveals to her that he is a shapeshifter. He then tells her that there are ways of escaping your life. She then proceeds to leave but not after seeing her mother, seeing Sookie and cutting off all her hair. ("Evil is Going On")

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