Season 4Edit

"She's Not There"Edit

"Everyone who's ever been with me has ended up dead. It ain't a long list, but it's a bad one to be on."

After months, it is revealed that Tara is residing in New Orleans under the pseudonym 'Toni' and makes a living as a mixed martial artist. She appears to be a proficient fighter with solid stand up and ground skills, submitting her opponent. The next morning while in bed with her girlfriend Naomi, Tara receives a text from Lafayette saying Sookie is home. Tara lies to Naomi, saying her grandmother has passed away. ("She's Not There")

"You Smell Like Dinner"Edit


Sookie heads home, and experiences a horrifying flashback of being chased by faeries, but snaps back to reality and realizes that it's just Tara running up to her. They hug, and Tara joins her as she moves to head inside. Sookie is angry to see a red bow accompanied by a note that says, "Out with the old" on her front door. Tara thinks that it's from Bill at first, but Sookie assures her that she's no longer with him. She explains it's from Eric. Tara heads over to greet Lafayette, just as he and Jesus are heading off to a Wiccan gathering. After joking around for a bit, Lafayette convinces Tara to join them at the coven meeting. The coven's leader Marnie goes into a trance and casts a spell on Eric when he arrives. He loses his memory and leaves the building. ("You Smell Like Dinner")

"If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?"Edit


Marnie awakens but is still not sure what happened. Lafayette informs the group that they need to somehow make amends because Eric will stop at nothing to kill them all for what they have done. Basing their arguments on freedom of religion, the coven decides they need to fight back. Tara is naturally upset that after only a couple of days in Bon Temps she has already been attacked by a vampire. She urges Lafayette to stay away from Fangtasia. He ignores her advice and is attacked by Pam. Tara and Jesus arrive just in time to intervene and Pam gives them 24 hours to make things right. ("If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?")

"I'm Alive and on Fire"Edit

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Jesus, Lafayette and Tara beg Marnie to reverse the memory loss spell she cast on Eric. She claims that she has tried, but had no luck. Frustrated that they cannot find the proper incantation, a book mysteriously flies off a shelf and lands on the shop floor. Marnie picks up the book and claims that it contains a spell that should reverse the curse. With the spellbook in hand, Marnie attempts to reverse the spell with a ritual incantation. Outdoors, Marnie, Pam, Lafayette and Tara stand in a circle. Marnie begins to chant, while Pam continues to complain and threaten them. Suddenly, Marnie drops her spellbook and gets a strange look on her face. She starts chanting again in Spanish. Pam's facial skin begins to burn. She lifts her hand and touches her cheek, and unintentionally tears a chunk of skin off face. ("I'm Alive and on Fire")

"Me and the Devil"Edit

Jesus says that his grandfather, a brujo, is a very powerful man and can help them. Tara says she is leaving for New Orleans, and hugs Lafayette goodbye. Tara calls Naomi and is questioned on who "Tara Thornton" is, since she always used the alias "Toni". ("Me and the Devil")

"I Wish I Was the Moon"Edit

S4 ep.6 10

Naomi comes to Bon Temps in search of Tara and finds her at Lafayette's home. She is angry at first, but after an explanation from Tara on her true identity, she aggressively tackles her to the ground, where the two begin to make out. Later, Tara brings Naomi to Merlotte's Bar and Grill as she wants to know more about who Tara really is. As they are getting ready to leave, an angry, rotting Pam surprises them in the parking lot. ("I Wish I Was the Moon")

"Cold Grey Light of Dawn"Edit

Tara sookie

Tara gets lucky when a bunch of tourists start snapping photos of Pam as she attacks. One of them asks excitedly if she's a zombie. To protect her vanity more than anything else, Pam releases Tara but warns her she’ll come after her once more. Tara tells Naomi to leave town. As long as she stays she will be at risk. Naomi reluctantly complies. Tara broke down in tears, as did Naomi, and then Sookie comforts her friend for her loss. After gaining full control over Marnie's body, Antonia comes across Tara, who she convinces to join her coven. After Tara recruits the local witches to join Antonia's cult, they set forth with casting a spell to call all vampires into the sun. ("Cold Grey Light of Dawn")


At Moon Goddess Emporium, when the dust settles Marnie/Antonia is totally pissed that only one vampire died. She wants to snuff the vampires out for good. Tara is agreeing with her. She wants to see the vampires gone as well. Bill calls asking to talk to Antonia. Claiming that he wants to resolve the situation, Bill asks Marnie/Antonia to a meeting. They arrange to meet in the cemetery at midnight. Negotiations fail and a fight erupts. During the fighting, Pam catches Tara and is about to kill her. Bill intercedes and commands Pam not to touch Tara now and forever. ("Spellbound")

"Let's Get Out of Here"Edit


Back at the Moon Goddess Emporium, the coven yells at Antonia because she brought Eric back with them. She tells them that he is under her control. Tara is angry at her for rejecting Bill's peace offering and causing needless violence. Antonia tries to make them hold hands and make a protection spell. When they refuse, she plots her next move against the vampires and orders the others not to leave. Tara and Holly have misgivings.

Debbie knocks on the door and Antonia answers. Debbie claims to pledge the werewolf's allegiance to the witch's cause. Meanwhile, Sookie is breaking in through a back window. Debbie causes a distraction while Sookie searches for Eric. She finds him in a dazed state, realizing he is under a spell. Tara, wielding a gun, tells Sookie to leave. She telepathically tells Sookie that Antonia is holding them captive, plus where Bill is. They stage a fight so that Tara wouldn't look like a traitor, and Sookie drives away with Debbie. Sookie uses the information to disrupt Antonia's attack on the "Festival of Tolerance". ("Let's Get Out of Here")

"Burning Down the House"Edit


Tara and Holly plot to undo Antonia’s spell. Martonia barges in and the witches argue that she can't keep them prisoner. Tara and Holly are chanting to break the protection spell. When they are successful they run outside to Sookie and Lafayette. Marnie then makes them all disappear. Jason is left alone outside Moon Goddess. ("Burning Down the House")

"Soul of Fire"Edit

Tara is trapped in the Moon Goddess Emporium. Martonia casts a spell to burn Sookie and Tara is blown back against the wall, unable to help. Jesus breaks the spell using his Brujo magic. Finally, Tara and the others are freed after Bill kills Marnie. ("Soul of Fire")

"And When I Die"Edit


Tara is shocked to find Jesus stabbed to death in Lafayette's home. She runs to Sookie and tells her that Marnie is back. They discover Bill and Eric burning at the stake. Together, Tara, Sookie and Holly chant an incantation to banish Marnie. The spirits of the past render aid and Antonia returns to take Marnie to the afterlife.

Later, Sookie arrives home and discovers Debbie Pelt wielding a shotgun. Tara runs in and pushes Sookie away from danger, taking the shot intended for her best friend. The blast hits Tara in the back of the head. Sookie kills Debbie then runs to hold Tara. ("And When I Die")

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