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Tara Thornton S05E01 SS04

Tara rises as a vampire.

Pam enters Sookie's house looking for Eric. Sookie initially screams at her to leave, but Lafayette, desperate to save his cousin, begs Pam to turn Tara. After initially rejecting the idea, Pam agrees as long as Sookie promises to help her get back in Eric's good graces, and "owes her one." Pam performs the appropriate ritual, spending the night in the ground with Tara. As nightfall approaches, Sookie and Lafayette are waiting with bated breath, hoping for a miracle. Nightfall comes and there is no activity until Pam suddenly emerges from the dirt prompting Sookie to begin digging for Tara. As she uncovers her best friend's face, she begins to sob uncontrollably. She is convinced the attempt has failed and Tara is gone forever. Suddenly Tara springs forth from her earthen slumber as a newly made vampire. Bearing a menacing expression. Tara lunges toward Sookie who screams for Lafayette.("Turn! Turn! Turn!")

Pam Progeny Tara 5x2

Pam commands Tara not to bite Sookie or Lafayette.

Tara bites Sookie as she emerges from the ground. Lafayette tries to help Sookie but only gets pushed back. Pam comes to the rescue. As Tara's maker, she orders her not to bite Sookie or Lafayette. She then rushes Tara back into Sookie's home before leaving for Fangtasia. Tara starts to destroy the kitchen. She is not acting like herself and hits herself in the head before running upstairs to do more damage. Sookie knows it will be daylight soon and with help from Lafayette they use a silver chain to bring Tara to Eric's cubby. While Tara is sleeping she is almost staked by Lafayette. Sookie, returning from the Stake House, overhears his thoughts hesitating to do it and talks him out of it. Sookie tries to talk to her, but Tara only says that she will never forgive either of them for what they have done to her. ("Authority Always Wins")

As Tara rushes out of the house, she is sprayed by the newly installed Silver mister on the porch. Screaming in pain she takes of into the woods. While she stands in the middle of the woods, she is amazed at her newfound heightened senses. As her wounds heal before her eyes, she senses the heartbeat of animals nearby and clearly sees the skies beyond what the human eye can. Lafayette Reynolds and Sookie Stackhouse appear, yelling for her. Tara runs off before they can see her and stops when she sees a girl trying to fix the flat tire of her car. Tara attacks her, slamming her against the hood of the vehicle as her victim begs for her life. Tara then sees her reflection on the windshield and stops herself. She apologizes and runs off.

Sam takes a crate of empty beer bottles out of Merlotte's and runs into Tara. She is crying blood, revealing to Sam her new vampire nature. Sam asks what happened to her. Tara simply states that she's hungry.

Tara lines up drained bottles of Tru Blood on the bar of Merlotte's, demanding more from Sam. Sam attempts to call Lafayette and Sookie, but Tara refuses to allow him. Tara then passes out and Sam immediately realizes that the sun is rising and quickly tries to find a place to hide her. Sam places here in the walk in freeze to protect her from the sunlight but is unable to conceal their encounter from Sookie when she arrives for work.

Lafayette tries to give Tara a bottle of Tru Blood after she awakens. She throws Lafayette through the freezer door. Alcide, Sookie, Arlene and Sam quickly go to check on him. Sookie pretends to be oblivious to what happened to Tara and asks why she was in the freezer. Tara tells Sookie not to play dumb. Tara reveals her fangs, frightening Arlene. Tara warns all of them to stay away from her or she'll kill them, quickly leaving through the back door.

S05E03 Tara tanning salon

Tara attempts suicide.

{C}Tara is seen passing the "Curl Up and Fry" tanning salon in town. She breaks in and lies on a tanning bed. Turning it on, she screams as the ultraviolet rays burn her. In Fangtasia, Pam feels Tara's self-inflicted pain. She shakes her head, muttering, "You stupid bitch." ("Whatever I Am, You Made Me")
S05E04 Pam and Tara

Pam stops Tara from killing herself

Pam gets to the "Curl Up and Fry" salon just in time to stop Tara from killing herself in a tanning bed. Tara asserts that she cannot live as a vampire and attempts to turn the bed back on despite Pam telling her not to. As Tara's maker, Pam commands Tara not to ever do it again. An angry Tara is compelled to turn off the tanning bed.

S05E04 Eric

Eric returns home to Fangtasia.

{C}Pam brings Tara to Fangtasia and finds the bar shut. She screams at Ginger for closing earlier than the usual time. She enters to find Eric sitting on his chair. He says that he closed early. Pam shakes with relief seeing her Maker back. She says that no apologies are necessary between them and asks if they can let bygones be bygones. Pam notices that Bill is also present and explains that Tara is her progeny. She tells Eric that he is a grandfather. Disinterested, Eric asks Bill a moment alone with Pam. Bill takes Tara with him to the offices. Bill tries to reassure Tara about her new life and asserts that her impulses to kill herself will pass. Giving her a bottle of TruBlood, Bill asks if Sookie knows and if she's safe. Tara says that she does know, but that he needs to stop worrying about her above everything else and that he needs to move on. He asks again if she's safe. Tara says she is, as always, and that there's always someone there to take a bullet for her, like Tara did.
S05E04 Pam and Tara002

Pam teaches Tara how to feed without killing.

Pam wakes Tara up and introduces her to a human named Melanie. She tells Tara to feed on her. Tara refuses, but Melanie says it's okay and she doesn't mind. Tara is resolute, but Pam commands Tara to feed. Tara is compelled to bite Melanie and Pam shows Tara how to properly feed without killing. Pam also soothes Tara and says that she is now on top of the food chain and no human can hurt her anymore. ("We’ll Meet Again")

Tara emerges in the midst of the Fangtasia Nightclub in a purple corset and gets looks and stares off the patrons, even a little look from Pam. Pam compliments how much better she looks in her clothes. Tara rebutts that if she wanted to look like a drag queen she would have raided Lafayette's closet. Pam throws a towel at her and tells her to get behind the bar for her job. Clearly annoyed tara states how she is now Pam's slave.

While serving a human girl who asks if she's new to the bar, Tara's Vampire nature, drives her to pull the girl over the bar and try to feed on her. Pam swoops in and grabs Tara by the neck, holds her up and tells her she is never to feed on a human in public again.

Jessica sees this. As Tara goes back to serving, she asks for a drink and gets to talking to her. They talk about Makers and Jessica states that Pam is not all bad. That she will allow Tara to feed on humans, where Bill would not. They talk more as Jessica believes they could be friends, as she knows what she going through.

Tara smokes a cigarette and is surprised when she in one breath almost smokes the whole cigarette, while lighting another she notices Hoyt, and they talk how

Tara And Jessica Fight

she didn't take him for a fangbanger and he didn't take her for a fanger.

At some point Jessica is in the ladies room feeding. In the next stall Tara is feeding on Hoyt. Jessica recognises his voice and smashes through the cubicle door. She is pissed that Tara would do that. The two start to fight about it. ("Let's Boot and Rally")

Tara and Jessica are in a knock-down fist fight, in which Tara is seemingly winning. She throws Jessica from the ladies room into a table. When Jessica picks up a chair and tries to hit Tara she deflects it. She picks up Jessica and throws her in the air where vampire patrons catch her.

Pam watches for a bit with an amused smile before calling it off. Tara barks at Jessica for attacking her in "my house," which Pam doesn't like one bit. She drags Tara into the back and reminds her progeny that Fangtasia is her house and Tara just works there. She then smiles. "You did good out there, the fighting. Made me proud," Pam says, adding, "proud the way a human is proud of a well-trained dog. Nothing more."

Tb 0693
Lettie Mae goes to see Tara at Fangtasia. Tara is no longer working as a bartender but as a pole dancer and she is very good at it. Pam watches her from the stage smiling. Lettie Mae comes in and tells Tara she, as a minister's wife,can't have a daughter being vampire. She's there to say good-bye. Tara shows her fangs. but Lettie tells Tara she's not afraid for she's God on her back. Pam watches interested from the side as Tara tells Lettie that she'll see her again and lets her leave.

Pam walks into the office and tries to console Tara who is crying, feeling down about her mother. Tara says she hates her mother but yet she's crying for her. Pam then comforts Tara and tells her that Lettie Mae is not Tara's mother. Tara then looks up at her vampire mother Pam and quickly hugs her. Pam hugs her back. After a few seconds Pam says that's it and tells Tara to get back on the pole because she's very good at dancing. ("In the Beginning")

An old acquaintance of Tara's named Tracy sits at the bar. She's ignorant, racist and Tara does not have any patience for her. Eventually Pam zips over and scolds Tara for not treating the customers better. Tracy gets even more nasty before walking away.

Tara pam chinaness
Pam brings Tara downstairs to show her Tracy in custody. She glamours Tracy and turns her into Tara's slave. Tara feeds on Tracy. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")

Pam and Tara talk about Fangtasia only having a few weeks worth of Tru Blood on hand in the wake of the factory bombings. Tara points out that it will be a bloodbath when their supplies run out. Pam wants to stay out of the politics, telling Tara that it is one of two things that she stays away from. Along with people that eat a lot of fish. Tara has noticed that Pam is concerned about Eric and offers to talk, but Pam brusquely tells her to get back to work. Tara angrily replies "Suck me, vampire barbie." and leaves. Alone again, Pam looks at an old photo of her and Eric. Tara was right about her worries.

TB 1239

Tara watches as Pam tries to stop a vampire (Elijah Stormer) from feeding on a human in Eric's throne. He tells her that the ban on public feeding has been lifted. He then says "Northman's history" and he is the new sheriff of Area 5 before throwing Pam across the bar.("Everybody Wants to Rule the World")

Tara is with Pam when Elijah is counting the profits from Fangtasia. He asks them where the rest of it is. Pam explains there is no more and there is no other legal way to make money. Elijah tells her of a way to make money that involves a "peep" show where a human pays $20 and then sticks in whatever body part they want to let the vampire on the other side feed on it. He says it brings in over $2,000 an hour where it is used. Pam refuses and says they like to do things "the old fashioned way." Elijah goes on to explain that there is a mandate to create 30 new vampires in area 5 before the end of the year or he will repossess all of Pam's assets including her money, Fangtasia and Tara.

Pam is sitting on Eric's throne with Tara standing by her side. Tara asks Pam if she is really going to give in to Elijah and urges her to fight back.

TB 1094

Pam says they "live with the wind" and are going to leave the bar and move on to other things.

Later, a panicked Tara calls Elijah to Fangtasia. She says she killed Ginger in an attempt to make her into a vampire in compliance with the new mandate. When Elijah checks her, he says she has a pulse. It proves to be a trick, as Ginger quickly stabs Elijah with a silver dagger and then Tara beheads him with a sword. ("Gone, Gone, Gone")

Tb 0497

Pam examines the desk in her office as Tara explains that she has cleaned all of Elijah's blood off of it. Pam warns Tara that the Authority won't be happy about Elijah's murder. Pam explains that the Authority have the power to do anything they want to any vampire. Pam commands Tara not to speak of Elijah ever again and storms out. Pam runs into Jessica in the bar and Jessica pleads for Pam to hide her. Pam refuses initially, but eventually relents after Jessica tells her where Eric is.

In the basement of Fangtasia, Tara, Jessica and Pam discuss Bill and Eric's behavior. Pam believes they have been affected by living in the Authority nest and drinking tainted blood. Jessica and Tara chat, as Jessica asks Tara if she "like" likes Pam because of the way she looks at her. Tara gets defensive and upset that Jessica is getting in her business. Jessica explains that she has no friends, and they make amends, solidifying their bond.

Tb 1008

Rosalyn comes to Fangtasia knowing that her progeny Elijah was killed. She attacks Tara and accuses her. Pam claims that she killed Elijah. Rosalyn arrests Pam and takes her to the Authority headquarters. As they are leaving, Rosalyn senses Jessica and takes her in as well. ("Sunset")

Tara save
After Eric saves Sookie and the Fairies, he and Nora go back to Fangtasia, squabbling over who Godric loved more, Tara interrupts and says "they" got Pam. Eric begins removing extremely large amounts of money from the wall which he has smashed. Nora asks why he is going back. Eric explains Pam is his progeny, that's she family and is unhappy with Nora saying shes nothing more than an old prostitute. Tara drags in travel coffins asking if they are safe, which he confirms. As she is about to move, Nora looks at Tara and Eric tells her that she too is family and that she has to be nice to Tara as well.
Eric, Nora and Tara, arrive at Sookie's house. Wanting her help to save Bill, Tara reminds her she owes Pam. Jason and Eric trading insults, are stopped when Sookie decides to infiltrate the Authority with Eric. They arm themselves with weapons from the Stake House. Eric and Nora driving in a pickup, have Sookie, Jason and Tara tied and gagged in the back They tell the guard, Tara is a mainstreamer and Sookie and Jason are dinner. They are let in by Bill. As the 5 of them descend in the elevator they prepare for war.
Tumblr m9fnn2MoVc1re9hooo4 1280

Jason instantly shoots Chelsea with a wooden bullet. She explodes but had already pressed the security button. While Jason shoots the guards that arrive, he tells Tara and Sookie to go. They meet up with Jessica and Pam who are in their cells. Pam asks Tara what she is doing and they exchange their usual playful insults. Moments later, the electric gates are released. As the cell doors are silver, Jessica asks Sookie to open them. Sookie opens Jessica's cell first, before turning to open Pam's. However Tara opens Pam's cell herself before rushing in. Tara immediately embraces Pam with whom she shares a long romantic kiss. Sookie stands surprised and remarks "Oh.. Okay", Jessica comeically adds "I Knew it".

Jason is still within the lobby as Sookie emerges first, after having freed Jessica and Pam. Tara follows behind Sookie whilst extending her arm around Pams' waist.

As they are all meeting up next to the elevator, Eric tells them all to go to the top while he and Sookie try to get through to Bill.

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