"Listen up, this is glamouring 101. You rip those mother fuckers right out and keep it moving."
―Tara, to Willa[src]

Tara and the others escape the Authority base and as they are leaving, the building explodes. They also see a blood covered Bill fly out from the burning wreckage just before speeding off themselves. When Pam learns that Nora is Eric's vampire sister and is snubbed by Eric himself, Tara tries to comfort her maker and later returns with her to Fangtasia, where she confronts Pam's actions regarding Eric telling Pam that she is Northman's punching bag. As they argue about Eric there is a knock on the door, which happens to be the American government giving Pam her notice of the closing of all vampire businesses. Pam tries to play coy with one of the humans who raises his gun at her face and tells her to get on her knees. Seeing this enrages Tara, causing her to threaten the soldier. Without a thought he shoots Tara with some sort of the new anti vampire weapon and she falls behind the bar screaming in agony. ("Who Are You, Really?")

Trueblood-s6e2-2 Tara

As Tara cries in pain and isn't healing from the shot, Pam seems scared for her progeny but fortunately Eric and Nora arrive just in time to help. After finding what looks like a burning hole in Tara's abdomen, Eric attempts to remove the bullet but gets burned just by touching it. He then breaks a bottle and cuts the bullet out. Upon examination he realizes it's a silver bullet with U.V. light inside it. Tara heals immediately. The vampires then realize that now humans are actually fighting back. ("The Sun")

After Eric brings Willa to Fangtasia in an effort to thwart Burrell’s anti-vampire initiatives, Pam insists that she be killed and Tara insists that she be glamoured and sent back, but Eric tells them both that he needs information from her and that they are leaving the bar. They all take refuge at Gingers house but don't stay for a long time as Ginger stupidly answers Eric's cellphone and reveals the location of the vampires. Eric angrily takes the phone and leaves Willa with Tara since he doesn't trust Pam, and soon all the vampires fly out the window and go on the run. ("You're No Good")


When Tara disappears with Willa, Pam summons her under Eric's orders. Eric immediately demands to know where the governor's daughter is and threatens Tara when she refuses to tell him. Pam tries to stand up for Tara, but is shouted down by an enraged Eric. Tara then reveals that she took Willa to the nearby fairgrounds, and Eric leaves to find the girl after ordering Pam to meet with him later. Enraged over Eric's repeated rejection of her, Pam decides to leave town with Tara, in the hopes of hiding from the humans. When Tara tries to explain that she kidnapped Willa to save the girl's life, Pam lectures the young vampire that the world is at war, and it is now vampires versus humans. Tara becomes angry and rushes away at an inhuman speed. A SWAT team member catches sight of Tara's vampiric behavior and spots Pam, causing him to call his fellow officers to his side, declaring that he has found a vampire. Though Pam does not act threateningly towards the humans, she is shot and abducted, to be taken to Truman Burrell's vampire camp. Frightened, Tara hides and watches as Pam is kidnapped. ("At Last")

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Tara informs Eric that Pam had been taken by the LAVTF and then Eric decides the best is to get captured and save her some how from the inside. Both walk right up to a checkpoint and reveal themselves to be vampires and soon they are apprehended. At the Vampire Camp, an emotional Jessica sees Tara and rushes to her, admitting to the murder of the four faeries. Jessica tells Tara that Bill is trying to save the vampires but maybe they shouldn't be saved but Tara disagrees. While in captivity, Tara learns that Eric has turned Willa into a vampire and also met Violet, who saves her and Jessica from other inmates and declares that they owe her, angering Tara. ("F**k the Pain Away")

After Willa demands to be put in general population, Tara sits with her playing connect four when Willa gets a sick feeling. Tara reveals to the newly turned Willa that Eric is summoning her and she needs to go to him. Tara teaches Willa how to glamour, and Willa gets the attention of a sleazy guard, asking to speak with him alone, under the pretense of sex, and goes to meet with Eric. ("Don't You Feel Me")

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Willa soon returns to the unit to warn Tara and Jessica to not drink the Tru Blood as it was laced with Hepatitis V. While talking, the guards throw Jason into female general population under Sarah Newlin's orders, and all the vampires immediately smell his blood and attempt to attack him. Tara sees Jason and stands in front of him telling all the other women to back off when Violet, who seems to run that area of the prison, claims that Jason is hers. ("In the Evening")

Soon after, Tara and Willa discuss how to get Jason away from Violet and Tara admits there is nothing she can do because Violet is older than both of them. After Pam is brought into the female population and the doctors announce they have Tru Blood ready for drinking, Tara told her friends not to tell Violet about the contaminated blood so in that way they can have Jason back, but Violet overhears her and soon the entire group know about the Hep V in the blood. Pam, Jessica, Violet, Willa, and Tara join James and Steve Newlin in the white circular room, where Jessica announces to them that they are all going to meet the sun as a punishment. ("Dead Meat")


Fortunately Bill comes to the rescue and uses his own faerie blood to save the vampires, who feed from him and were granted full immunity. The group relish their freedom in the sun and soon Tara leads the pack outside. Around the way they find Eric destroying a box of contaminated Tru Blood, causing Tara and all the other vampires in the group to begin destroying the boxes of Tru Blood as well. Tara grabs an automatic weapon and begins spraying the boxes of bad blood with bullets before leaving the camp. Still high from Bill's blood the vampires go to the Compton house to celebrate, and Tara does not notice Pam fall back from the group to witness Eric fly into the sky without a word. ("Life Matters")

S6e10 1052

When Pam decides to go to look for Eric, she tells Tara to look after Willa, prompting Tara to comment that both Eric and Pam are the worst makers. Six months later, Tara and Willa are talking at the vampire-human social at Bellefleur's Bar and Grill, when Tara's mother interrupts their conversation and asks Tara to meet her in the barn. At first Tara didn't even want to look at her but she then decides to go into the barn to speak in private, and then Lettie Mae apologizes to Tara for everything she had done to her. She realizes that she had even let days go by where Tara would not eat because she was so wrapped up in her own misery, and because of this fact she wants to feed Tara her blood so she can finally take care of Tara the way she has always needed her to do. Tara falls into her mother's arms and feeds from her mother, finally being nourished by her. ("Radioactive")

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