"No more blame, forgive yourself, and let me go."
―Tara, to Lettie Mae[src]

When a band of rogue H-vamps crashes the vampire-human mixer at Bellefleur’s Tara is seen hiding with Lettie Mae, trying to get her to leave. Unfortunately they are found by an H-Vamp and then Tara heroically charges at him to protect her mother. In the aftermath of the attack, Sookie, Jason, and Lafayette find Lettie Mae crying and covered in blood, and she then revealed that Tara was killed during the battle. Tara's death devastated all of her friends, especially Sookie and Jessica, but Lafayette admits feeling relieved Tara was dead as he says he already grieved the first time she died and now that she's died "again", he doesn't feel anything. Later on, while high on vampire blood, Lettie Mae believes she can see Tara's ghost and begins to act strangely, saying Tara needs her. She also starts to blame Sookie for what happened, claiming that it's Sookie's fault that Tara kept putting herself in danger to protect her. ("Jesus Gonna Be Here")

Tara Afterlife

Convinced that Tara was calling for her, Lettie Mae pays Lafayette a visit and tells him Tara's spirit approached her needing help before going to heaven. Lafayette refuses to contact Tara on the other side saying she's dead and he doesn't do that kind of thing anymore, and then Lettie Mae decides to take the matters on her own hands. Lettie Mae turns to Willa and tricks her to let her drink her blood, and while being high Lettie Mae is transferred to a strange world where she finds Tara on a cross speaking in a strange language. ("I Found You")

After finding Eric, Pam informed him that Tara met the true death as she felt her progeny's passing while she was in Morocco.("Fire in the Hole") Eric expressed his condolences for the loss, and Pam displays a modicum of remorse for her subsequent abandonment of Tara. ("Death is Not the End")

Lettie mae and lafayette1

At the insistence of Lettie Mae, Lafayette agrees to get high on V so he can convince her that her visions of Tara are not real, but when the two take a V-trip together they find Tara being held on a cross by a yellow python, and speaking in tongues. Lettie Mae and Lafayette free Tara from the cross and then she signals them to follow her as she runs through the forest. Lettie Mae and Lafayette chase Tara through the dream forest and she eventually leads them to her childhood house, where she strangely begins to dig up the dirt in the front yard with her hands. Before Lettie Mae can figure out what all of this means, Reverend Daniels suddenly appears and angrily shakes them both out of their vision. ("Karma")

Lettie mae lafayette tara

Lettie Mae and Lafayette then curiously dig in the front yard of Lettie Mae's old house. Lettie Mae insists that Tara has led them there to find something that is buried in the yard and asks the Reverend to take the V-trip with them so he can see. After drinking James' blood, Tara appears immediately and leads the three of them into the house that is aglow with a bright white light, while the new owners of the house huddle together in disbelief. The trio walk into Tara's memory of her 7th birthday party and witnessed how her belligerent father verbally and physically abused Lettie Mae and how young Tara went to a bedroom and found a gun. She wanted to shoot him down but couldn't, so she went outside and bury the gun. Joe storms out of the house, yelling that he was done with his family and Lettie Mae runs after him, begging him not to leave, as she does not have the means to support herself and her daughter without him. He doesn't care, and proceeds to get into his car and drive off for good. Lettie Mae falls to her knees and screams, wondering how she was going to cope alone, revealing the root cause of her alcoholism that would plague her and Tara for the next two decades.

Tara says goodbye season 7

Tara then apologizes for not shooting Joe when she had the chance but Lettie Mae tells Tara that none of that had been her fault, and that it was not a little girl's job to save her mother. She admits to Tara that she had ruined both of their lives because she did not cope with her problems the way she should have and then Tara tells Lettie Mae that it doesn't matter anymore, and that she needs to forgive herself and let her go. Lettie Mae asks her how she is supposed to move on and Tara tells her to promise her that she will just go on living her life. Mother and daughter embrace for one last time and Tara then turns, walks off and disappears, leaving the Reverend, Lettie Mae, and Lafayette, holding each other's hands as they emerge from their V-trip together. ("Almost Home")

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