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To move, push or throw about objects and beings using ones mind.


Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with the mind. On the HBO original series True Blood, Telekinesis is a power usually displayed by witches, or other beings that possess supernatural powers.


Usually displayed by witches or other beings that possess supernatural powers, the ability of Telekinesis has only been shown relating to the occult of practicing witchcraft. The true extent of this power is unknown.

Season 1Edit

In the first episode, "Strange Love", it appeared that Sookie Stackhouse used telekinesis to throw and "wrap" a chain around Mack Rattray's neck, strangling him. It was later revealed that Claudine Crane, Sookie's Fairy Godmother actually sent her energy to the chain causing it to wrap around Mack's neck.

Season 4Edit

In this season, Marnie Stonebrook has been shown to display this power several times (being possessed by the spirit of Antonia). She generally uses it to halt oncoming vampires, holding them in place while she casts spells upon them, or pushing members of her coven against walls. (Soul of Fire).

A more offensive side of this power was shown when Marnie used it to telekinetically throw a dagger into Casey's chest, killing her in "self defense".

Season 6Edit

In the sixth season, Bill displays this ability when he levitates Jessica's cup of Tru Blood after it almost falls off the table. A surprised Jessica asks Bill if he knew he possessed such ability, to which he replies "no." He displays this ability in a confrontation with Sookie.

Notable TelekineticsEdit

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