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Terry Bellefleur

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Bill Compton - Great-great-great-great grandfather
Caroline Bellefleur - Paternal grandmother
Andy Bellefleur - Paternal first cousin
Portia Bellefleur - Paternal first cousin
Arlene Bellefleur - Wife
Coby Fowler - Stepson
Lisa Fowler - Stepdaughter
Mikey Bellefleur - Stepson
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"Your mamma just gets a little crazy sometimes, which means we just have to love her that much harder."
―Terry to Mikey[src]

Terence Quentin Bellefleur was a character in seasons 1 through 6 of True Blood. He was played by starring cast member Todd Lowe. He initially appeared as a recurring character in the first season. He was an Iraq War veteran and, as a result, suffered from PTSD ... disturbed by actions he took during his service. He worked at Merlotte's as a cook. He had numerous physical scars (according to Arlene) as well as psychological scars. During Season 6, after he could no longer live with his conscience, he met with a fellow ex-marine and requested he end his life. While working a day shift at Merlotte's, Terry Bellefleur was shot and killed.


Terry was a hardworking and honest citizen of Bon Temps. He was dismissed as crazy by many town citizens for his social awkwardness. Those close to him however, know he is loyal and has a great heart.

Terry's somewhat fragile state of mind had its origin in his Marine Corps years. The wars he fought had a great impact on Terry, which surfaced most clearly when he was under stress. 

Terry was a funny charactor who tried his hardest to get through life after the war. His awkward personality was perfect for Arlene.

Biography Edit

Terry is the cousin of Andy Bellefleur, the sheriff in Bon Temps. Terry served in Iraq, in particular Fallujah, as he references this several times. During his tour of duty, he claimed to have shot and killed 20 Iraqis. He has clear psychological and emotional issues (PTSD) stemming from what he witnessed and did while serving in the war.

Terry and Arlene
Cc-7567 loverAdded by Cc-7567 lover

Terry had recently returned from Iraq and was working at Merlotte's Bar and Grill. He had a crush on Arlene Fowler but never told her because she was already in a relationship with René. He often asked Arlene how her day was going and if he could help her in anyway. He was very nice to her and to everyone else, even though most people thought he was strange. After learning of Bill's time as a soldier of the Confederacy during the Civil War, Terry gains respect for Bill; sharing an emotional hug as a fellow soldier, stating: "They don't understand man. None of them will ever understand."

Terry thinks Arlene is going to break up with him and becomes upset. Arlene says that she's expecting a child and Terry assumes it's his and becomes excited. He hugs Arlene and thanks her for making his life complete. She fakes a smile, knowing inside that the baby is Rene's. ("It Hurts Me Too") Later on, Arlene confesses to him that her baby is Rene's, and that she fears she is bearing an "evil child". Terry comforts her and vows that they will surround the baby with much love, so that it never can become "evil". Unbeknownst to Terry, Arlene undergoes a ritual with the intention of inducing her own miscarriage. Terry becomes very upset when Arlene starts to bleed and tells him they might be losing their baby. However, Arlene's baby survives, leaving Terry intensely happy and relieved, but Arlene terrified that the fetus survived her induced miscarriage attempt.

Terry also helps Sookie scare away a man stalking her. The two search for clues and find biker shoe prints and wolf prints, followed by a pair of discarded boots and clothes. Worried for Sookie, Terry gives her a gun for protection. ("Beautifully Broken")

Terry and Mikey S4
Terry and Mikey
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Terry is happily raising Mikey Bellefleur as his own, with Arlene. Arlene is spooked by Mikey but Terry continues to treat Mikey no differently. ("She's Not There") Sookie heads into work at Merlotte's, where Terry and Arlene have brought in baby Mikey. Terry introduces Sookie to Mikey, and Arlene freaks out, telling Sookie not to read his mind or hers and wailing that her intentions are pure. She runs off, leaving Sookie confused and Terry to explain it away by citing sleep deprivation. ("You Smell Like Dinner")

Mikey at Merlotte's
Mikey and his creepy doll.
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Jessica goes gives a weird doll that she has been unable to get rid of to Mikey, calling it an heirloom. remains suspicious of her infant son because of his father. ("If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?") After writing was seen on their living room wall, Terry tells Arlene they need to turn to God. They have Reverend Daniels and Lettie Mae Daniels come to their home in hopes of ridding them of any unwanted entities. ("Me and the Devil") At Merlotte’s Arlene screams at Terry because he left Mikey unwatched in a playpen behind him while cooking. While they are arguing Mavis comes in and sings to the baby. Lafayette sees her while the others do not. ("Spellbound") Arlene and Terry are distraught when Mikey is kidnapped. They turn to Jason and Andy for help figuring out what happened. Hoyt phones Jason to tell him that Lafayette has the baby and has forced him out of his home. Andy leaves the room to get some pants for Hoyt, but instead downs a vial of V he found in the sofa cushions. ("Let's Get Out of Here")

Jason, a pant-less Hoyt and Andy are outside of Hoyt's home. Andy is pumped with V and approaches the home. He tells Lafayette to let him in but Lafayette has been possessed by the spirit of Mavis and is not compliant. Jason tells Andy that the rules state to diffuse the situation. Andy smashes the door down and Mavis refuses to give up Mikey. Terry and Arlene follow the police to the house. Jesus also comes to Hoyt's house and is able to reason with Mavis and perform an exorcism. Mikey is rescued and Arlene and Terry are grateful to Jesus but furious with Andy's recklessness. ("Let's Get Out of Here") In Andy's room, Terry and Arlene wake him up and yell at him for bringing V into the house. He denies that it is his and says it is evidence. Arlene yells at him and says that he’s not going to be able to see her babies until he gets clean. Terry tells him that they are going to "Fort Bellefleur". ("Burning Down the House")

Once at their woodland fort they discuss Andy caring for Terry after he had returned from military service. Andy says that he’s a better man on V but Terry doesn't believe him. ("Burning Down the House")

Andy and Terry are shooting guns at cans in the woods. Andy misses all of his shots because of V withdrawal. While they are practicing revelations of the Bellefleur history surface; Terry's family being broke and Andy's mother running after his father had passed away. ("Burning Down the House")

Terry is holding Andy down, telling him to say that he won’t do V anymore. They make amends and tell each other, “I love you”. Andy says that he’s not going to relapse. Terry tells him to walk all the way home as the first step to recovery. ("Burning Down the House") Patrick Devins, an old friend of Terry's from the Marines, comes looking for him at Merlotte's and becomes acquainted with Arlene. Arlene is also troubled by visions of Rene Lenier, which Terry interrupts. ("And When I Die")

Patrick Devins, Arlene, Terry, Coby and Lisa are all having breakfast together. Patrick shows how impressed he is that Terry has his life together, but Terry insists he just wants to keep to a simple life and flip burgers. Arlene also mentions the house fire they had.("Turn! Turn! Turn!")

Patrick shows up at Terry's work and explains he lost all his belongings in a fire. It seems something happened in Iraq, and two other members of their platoon have also had issues with a fire; Todd Jeffries and Jamarcus Kessler were both killed in a fire. Patrick knocks Terry down. Patrick is looking for someone to help him find the missing Private Brian Eller and find out what is going on with the fires. Terry refuses, and Patrick—feeling betrayed—leaves.("Turn! Turn! Turn!") Terry appears to come to his senses and admits to knowing where the rogue private is. Patrick claims the man to be a psychotic arsonist that needs to be stopped. Terry agrees to take Patrick to the mans hideout. ("Authority Always Wins") Terry finds Arlene in the kitchen at Merlotte's. She attempts to get him to tell her what was going on. Terry only tells her that he needs to go away for a while and doesn't know when he would be back. She says that she will not be waiting for him. Terry leaves, and Arlene runs crying to the bathroom. ("Whatever I Am, You Made Me")

S05E04 Terry
A horrified Terry looks at the pile of bodies.
ZepwikAdded by Zepwik

Patrick Devins and Terry Bellefleur are en route to South Dakota searching for their squadmate Brian Eller. Patrick asserts that if they don't find him, Terry is driving them back home. Terry says that they'll find him and won't leave until they do. Terry has a flashback to their tour in Iraq.

They prepare to camp out on a Muslim prayer tower, in open defiance of the building's religious significance. Patrick shows the others that he has acquired a couple of bottles of Jack Daniels to celebrate the Fourth of July. Todd Jeffries holds up a bag of pills and Patrick adds that they have "candy". Patrick gives Eller a miniature bottle and places him on watch duty below the tower. The platoon enjoy themselves by getting drunk and high and watching fireworks. They sing together and are enthralled by the light show. Their revels are interrupted by an Iraqi Teen walking toward the tower. Eller argues with him and Corporal Jemarcus Kessler orders Eller to get rid of him. Eller misinterprets the order and shoots the civilian dead. The people of town are drawn out by the shot and harangue the squad for the uneccessary violence. An Iraqi insurgent shoots at them and Eller opens fire on the crowd before being hit on his bulletproof vest and knocked to the ground. The rest of the squad take cover behind their Hum Vee. During an exchange of gunfire, Terry spots the attacker and points him out to Patrick, who kills him. As they check on Eller, Terry sees that the Iraqi civilians have been killed by the gunfire. A shocked Terry falls to his knees in horror. Patrick then wakes up Terry from his nightmare and tries to calm him down.

Terry and Patrick search Eller's barn at night. Terry notices a hidden trap door. They both climb down into the basement and find pictures taken and drawn of homes on fire. Eller then appears, aiming a shotgun at them. ("We’ll Meet Again") Eller has Terry tie Patrick to a chair, and then proceeds to tie Terry to another chair. Eller demands to know if anything followed them and Terry says no. Eller then climbs out of his cellar, leaving them trapped.

Patrick and Terry look at a horrific mural Eller has painted on his basement wall. Patrick believes that it was Eller that burned down their homes. Eller comes down and aims his shotgun at Terry's head, saying that maybe if he kills Patrick and Terry, "it" will forgive him. Eller says that he saw Kessler and his wife burn. When Terry asks how, Eller explains that he was crashing on their couch for a bit after they came back from Iraq. One night, Eller says he woke up and says the house was on fire. When he noticed Kessler and his wife were trapped, he tried to help them but said that the fire unnaturally moved towards them and intercepted them as they ran, killing them both. Eller panicked and jumped out the window, then ran. Eller did some research and found out about Ifrit; a being of smoke and fire that is targeting them for what they did in Iraq on their drunken night. Terry flashes back to that night and recalls that there was one survivor, an Iraqi woman. Patrick tells Terry to put her down, but Terry believes they can save her. Patrick refuses to be dragged down about what they did considering how long they have been in Iraq. Terry believes that they can help her, but Patrick reminds him that the man to his left and right are more important. Terry reluctantly aims his rifle at the woman. She places the curse of Ifrit on all of them just before Terry shoots her to death.

Terry has another flashback to his squad's misdeeds in Iraq. They gathered the corpses of the villagers and doused them with gasoline. Eller ignites the pyre by tossing his lighter on top of it as Terry watches, horrified. Terry sees a being rise from the smokes of the burning bodies. Terry snaps back to reality and tells Eller that he saw the Ifrit, too. Eller is relieved that he isn't crazy. Terry says that they need to leave. Eller disagrees and Terry expands that they need to leave because the Ifrit has been waiting for them all to be in one place. Eller releases them and Patrick knocks him out with his own shotgun. Patrick praises Terry's acting. Terry says that it wasn't an act and that they need to leave. Patrick says that he is sick of being around "crazy fucks". He orders Terry to either help him to tie Eller up or leave. Frightened, Terry climbs the latter and steps outside to have a cigarette as Patrick restrains Eller. Patrick joins him outside and says that they'll turn Eller in to the local authorities in the morning. Terry tries to tell Patrick that he did see the Ifrit that night, but Patrick insists that they were on drugs that night and saw nothing. He still believes that it was Eller who was burning their homes. Patrick is proven wrong when the Ifrit comes for Eller, setting the basement alight. ("Let's Boot and Rally") Terry and Patrick are leaving Eller's compound. They see the smoke and flame of the Ifrit, and break into a run.

As they drive away, Terry throws himself from Patrick's car and tries to run away. Patrick chases him down. Terry is terrified and tells Patrick that they are going to pay for their misdeeds.

Terry finds Arlene at Merlotte's and tells her everything that happened in Iraq including the curse. She's shocked, but not as shocked as when Terry tells her that he's being hunted by an evil smoke monster, and that he has to leave her to save her. Arlene says that she'll help him, because her kids depend on them, but that he needs to get back on his meds. Terry tries to drive home the point that if he stays with them, they'll all die. Arlene tells him that he needs to go, and Terry thanks her for taking a chance on him before leaving. ("Hopeless") The Ifrit appears to Terry and Patrick, mocking them with laughter. Terry yells at the monster to come back and then tries to kill himself, grabbing Patrick's gun and putting it to his throat. Patrick talks Terry down and retrieves the gun. ("In the Beginning")

Lafayette agrees to attempt to get rid of Terry and Patrick's curse. He goes through the motions at first, but then the Iraqi woman actually makes an appearance. Lafayette tells the soldiers that she is still furious and the only way to break the curse is for one of them to die. Patrick jumps up and runs off. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")

Terry leaves home, apparently to find Patrick and give him a fair fight to the death.

Terry arrives at Sam's, unarmed. He finds Patrick sitting in a booth with his gun at Arlene's head. Terry offers a fair fight, but Patrick thinks Terry is too strong. Just as Patrick is about to shoot Terry, Arlene stabs him in the neck with a hairpin. The two men fight and eventually Patrick gains the upper-hand. Once again Arlene comes to the rescue, grabbing the gun that Patrick had dropped.

Terry turns the gun on Patrick. Patrick pleads that his girl is pregnant and it's going to be a boy, he begs Terry to do the right thing. Terry hesitates, until he has a vision of Zaafira telling him the same thing. He kills Patrick. Zaafira says "blood has been paid with blood." Ifrit, a fire jinn, materializes and takes Patrick's body. ("Everybody Wants to Rule the World")

Arlene and Terry explain to Andy how to make a long term relationship work at Merlotte's. They are interrupted by the arrival of the heavily pregnant Maurella. She tells Andy that he is the father. ("Sunset")

Andy finds himself overwhelmed with four new babies to take care of. Terry and Arlene help Andy with becoming a new father.

Later that night, Andy wakes up to a surprise when he realizes his four infant fae babies have now grown significantly overnight to what seems like 3 year old children. Terry and Arlene are awoken by Andy's shock and scream themselves to find four grown children in their house ("Who Are You, Really?").

As Arlene complains to Terry about Sookie's inability to ever come to work, Terry spots a familiar face when a pregnant woman walks into Merlotte's. He points her out to Arlene as Patrick's wife. Terry doesn't want to talk to her but Arlene insists. Terry reluctantly goes to her and almost spills the beans about Patrick's death. She however is convinced Patrick ran away with another woman. Terry almost tells her that Patrick is dead when Arlene steps in and tells Patrick did in fact run away with another woman. She tells his wife to move on and stay strong for her and her child hoping that will be the end of it. ("The Sun")

Terry Bellefleur is confronted by the four faerie daughters of Andy Bellefleur, who have read his mind and seen his memories of killing his friend, Patrick Devins. Terry's anxiety and guilt over the death of Patrick get the best of him, and he yells at the children, catching the attention of his wife Arlene. Arlene explains to the children that they cannot keep reading other peoples' private thoughts, but is cut short when Andy arrives and sends the girls to bed. He takes them to the room they share and reveals to them that he is glad to be their father. ("At Last")

He finds Terry on his porch acting stranger than usual. Terry tells Lafayette he is there because he wants to give him a key to a safety deposit box. Lafayette questions the gift but Terry doesn't take no for an answer and forces him to take the key. Concerned for his friend, Lafayette calls Arlene and tells her about the exchange. This convinces Arlene that Terry is actually going to kill himself. Holly finds Arlene upset and asks her what is wrong. Arlene tells her Terry's plan to kill himself. Holly comes up with the idea to glamour Terry and she knows just the vampire to do it. Her son's best friend has a gay vampire step father who owes Holly a favor.

Terry is watching television when there is a knock at the door. Arlene and Holly get the door for Holly's vampire friend enters. He glamours Terry to let go of all his pain and trauma from the war. He asks Arlene what she wants Terry to remember and she instructs him to only remember that he is a husband, father, stepfather and a cook, and that there was no Marines. The vampire glamours him as instructed before leaving. Terry then opens his eyes and seems happier than he has ever.

Terry and Arlene are working at Merlotte's Bar and Grill and everything seems to be back to normal. Terry grabs the trash and walks towards the kitchen passing Lafayette. Seeing his new mood, Lafayette asks Arlene what the change is about. Arlene thanks Lafayette for calling her and tells him things are better than ever. Terry happily walks out back to place the garbage in the dumpster when a gun shot sounds. Big John and Lafayette run to the back to find Terry on the ground bleeding from his neck. Arlene runs out and holds Terry in her arms. They cry together and she begins to sing to him as he dies in her arms. ("Don't You Feel Me")

Reverend Daniels opens Terry's service with his own personal expirence with Terry. He talks about Terry's love of family and that he respected him for it. Andy who was sitting next to Holly and Adilyn stands up to speak for his cousin whom he really felt was his brother. He recalls when Terry just came back from the war and had been hiding out in Fort Bellefleur their hideout as children. He brings Terry some beer and begins to talk to him. He gets Terry to come out from hiding and talk but as much as he want Terry to come home he wont. All he learns is Terry prefers Ragin Bitch beer before Terry tells him to leave.

Sam sitting next to Nicole gets up and speaks about his time as Terry's boss. He recalls that at first he did not want to hire him but he never regretted it because Terry was his best employee and he never missed a day of work. Sam goes with Andy to get Terry to come out of the fort for a little while as well as possibly hire him to work at Merlotte's and intices him with his favorite beer. They go fishing and Terry catches a catfish but he decides he wants Andy to throw the fish back because every life mattered. Sam knew he liked him from then on.

Lafayette goes to speak at Terry's funeral and recalls Terry's first day of cookie at Merlottes. He finds Terry zoning out and burning the fries. Layfaytte catches Terr'y attention who admits he is scared and doesn't want to mess all of this up. Layfayette says he could see into his soul and knew he was sincere so he helps Terry learn how to cook fries. Portia then stands up and speaks about how much fun she had with Terry as a child and he had taught her to swing before awkardly sitting down beside her grandmother again. Reverend Daniels says he will bring up Arlene but she thinks to herself she is not ready to say good bye and Sookie hears this and goes to speak to give Arlene time. She admits to the town that she loves Terry and Arlene so she will be honest about why she is different. She tells them that she is a telepath and she had a different insight about Terry's first shift at Merlottes that she had never told Arlene before. That night she heard Terry's thoughts and there was a terrible waitress who didn't last there for very long who was hitting on Terry but Terry had really only thought about Arlene. The fact was he thought Arlene was beautiful from the second Arlene walked into his life. Sookie ends telling her she loves her and she deserved to know before sitting down next to Alcide crying.

Arlene goes to the podium to speak about her Husband. She admits they took turns bring crazy but the night their son Mikey was born he was strong for both of them. She admits that Terry was her rock that night as their son would not feed but Terry talks her through it to get their son to feed and then after telling her how much he loves her and their family. Reverend Daniels says he will let the marines to the Salute but Big John the third cook in Merlottes stands up and says he has something to say. He then sings a song his grandmother used to sing called "Life matters." Mrs.Bellefleur is rude through the whole thing but Arlene commends Big John for his beautiful song.

The funeral ends with Arlene at peace with his death. ("Life Matters")

Powers & Abilities Edit

As a former U.S. Marine, Terry was trained in the use of firearms, hand-to-hand combat, as well as a variety of military strategics. Unencumbered by his PTSD while under Maryann Forrester's control, Terry showed himself to be a natural leader, treating the mob of townspeople as a military unit.


"Bullshit! God has horns."

"Three, I ain't never killed nothin' on accident."

“‘It’s not you it’s me.’ If I had a nickel for every time — I’d have 15 cents.”

"I never dreamed in my life I could be so happy, thank you for making my life mean something"

"You sure they know that? Cuz their grilling in the parking lot"

"Hey Sam, yup, yes sir, me Terry Bellefluer, I'm moving in with Arlene Fowler"

"I aint worried, I aint never been so not worried"

"This is what normal people do Sam"

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"Sparks Fly Out" "Cold Ground" "Burning House of Love" "The Fourth Man in the Fire"
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"Let's Get Out of Here" "Burning Down the House" "Soul of Fire" ""
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