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The Fangtasia Dungeon and the Wheel play an important role on the HBO original series True Blood. Located in the basement of Fangtasia, a vampire nightclub in Shreveport, Louisiana, the Wheel is used as a crude torture device while the Dungeon itself is used to house prisoners.


Season 2 of True Blood showed us an interesting variety of sets. The most sinister of them all is without a doubt the eerie Fangtasia dungeon where Eric locked up his human prisoners. The writer of the episode, Alexander Woo, explained how they came up with the idea of the dungeon: "Since we decided that Lafayette was going to survive into season two, we obviously needed to address where he had been during the two weeks after his abduction.

"Alan Ball came up with the idea of having him in a sort of horror-movie room where he would be suffering the consequences of dealing vampire blood. From there it was a matter of coming up with the bleakest, darkest place we could imagine." According to Woo, the dungeon he created represented “the secrets that all of us prefer to keep hidden and buried. The vampires in our world have come out of the coffin, but that room is a concrete representation of the darker side of vampire-human relations.

"Ordinarily it would have been any kind of basement or storage room but, in the hands of Eric, it became a grisly prison where the worst kind of atrocity is practiced. It was built entirely on stage. All the blood, rust, gore and decrepitude were created by our fantastic painters and plasterers. The wheel itself was built by our prop makers and is actually all made out of wood to look like metal.


"I thought it would be funny to find a very complicated solution to a very simple problem, namely how do you let the prisoners go to the bathroom while still keeping them far enough apart so they don’t kill each other? I suppose you could chain them all to the wall and give everyone their own bucket, but that’s a lot of buckets to empty. Why not have a single bucket that only one prisoner can reach at a time? That’s where the idea for the wheel began. I also thought it was funny that any time one prisoner needed to use the bucket, it would inconvenience everyone else.

"In the end, the wheel became a great visual representation of the hopelessness of everyone’s fate in the dungeon, but it all started as a way for the prisoners to use the toilet."

In the show, it was Ginger who came up with the concept of the vampire bar Fangtasia, but she was glamoured by Pam into believing that Pam had come up with the idea, and that Pam was going to tell Eric that the idea was hers. The torture dungeon that lay beneath Fangtasia, however, was designed strictly by Eric.

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