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Unknown DateEdit

  • Lilith - Lilith was the "first" vampire created. She was created in God's image, and was Adam's first wife but was banished because she wasn't subservient enough, hence the creation of Eve. (Deceased / Met the Sun)

c. 850 BCEdit

c. 1 BCEdit

  • Godric - Godric was an ancient vampire who was caring and compassionate.  (Deceased / Met the Sun willingly) 
  • Salome Agrippa - Salome was an ancient vampire who was known for her "Dance of the 7 Veils". She was a chancellor of the Vampire Authority, and when the Guardian was destroyed, shebecame the Guardian. (Deceased / Staked by Bill Compton)
  • Dieter Braun - Dieter was an ancient vampire who was around when the Vampire Bible was written. He claimed that the people who wrote it were "high" at the time that it was written. (Deceased / Decapatated by Russell Edgington)

c. 870 ADEdit

  • Eric Northman - born around the year 870 and turned into a vampire around the year 900, Eric Northman is over 1,000 years old. He's an ancient vampire who was born in Scandinavia to a King and Queen.

c. 900 ADEdit

  • Eric Northman was raised during the Anglo-Saxon period, and his parents and little sister were slaughtered by Russell Edgington, who soon decided to hold a wraith over him and swore his vengeance towards the vampire. He was later turned by Godric. Eric was weary in battle, and was about to die. Godric killed Eric's two friends but turned Eric.

c. 1193 ADEdit

  • Nan Flanagan - Nan was a very powerful vampire, who had the ability to appoint any vampire as a King or Queen of a state in North America. She was the spokesperson for the AVL and had a great deal of power. She could issue orders to kill any vampire she wanted, as seen with Russell Edgington and later Eric Northman. (Deceased / Staked by Eric Northman)

c. 1280 ADEdit

  • Talbot Angelis - Talbot was a prince of Greece. He met Russell Edgington, who then changed him into a vampire. They fell in love, and although Russell seemed to ignore him and his wishes, Talbot would sometimes have sex with other males (i.e. Eric Northman). (Deceased / Staked by Eric Northman)

c. 1400 ADEdit

  • Nora Gainsborough - Nora was born in Surrey, England. Godric noticed Nora's genius in Political Sciences, took an interest in her, changed her, and she then became the Progeny of Godric, and sibling of Eric Northman. She became a Chancellor of the American Vampire League, studied under Salome Agrippa, and soon became a Chancellor of the Vampire Authority. (Deceased / Victim of Hepatitis D) 

c. 1462 ADEdit

c. 1484 ADEdit

  • Jorge Alonso de San Diego became a monk in 1484, and then became an inquisitor. He was turned into a vampire unwillingly, and was then made Magister of North America. He became very high-ranking amongst the vampires. Jorge was decapitated by Russell Edgington.  (Deceased / Decapatated by Russell Edgington) 
  • Sophie-Anne Leclerq - She was born in France, and was about to be sold for food by her neighbor when she was saved by a vampire, who sold her as a prostitute, and then eventually turned her. She soon became the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, and then married Russell Edgington. She then becomes the Vampire Queen of Mississippi, in addition to controlling Louisiana. Sophie-Anne would up illegally selling "V" in order to pay off taxes owed to the IRS. (Deceased / Shot by a wooden bullet by an AVL Guard).