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Tolliver Humphries

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"We fought together. Tolliver Humphries was my friend. He was a brave man, perhaps to a fault. I daresay it contributed to his death."
―Bill Compton[src]

Tolliver Humphries was a soldier in the Confederate Army on the HBO original series True Blood. Played by guest starring actor Caleb Steinmeyer, Tolliver fought alongside Bill Compton during the Civil War. He met an untimely demise during his only appearance, on the episode "Sparks Fly Out" in the series' first season.


Season 1Edit

"Sparks Fly Out"Edit

As told by Bill, he and Tolliver Humphries were in a battle together outnumbered by Union soldiers. While they were safe behind a tree, a teenage boy from their troop lay wounded in the middle of a field screaming for someone to save him. When Bill tried to shoot the dying boy to shut him up, Tolliver convinced him that doing so would be an act of murder. Tolliver told Bill that God wanted him to save the boy, so he ran to his aid despite Bill's protestations. However, Humphries was killed by enemy fire before he could be of any help. Under cover of night, Bill and the rest of the troop recovered Tolliver's body. ("Sparks Fly Out")

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Season one appearances
"Strange Love" "The First Taste" "Mine" "Escape from Dragon House"
"Sparks Fly Out" "Cold Ground" "Burning House of Love" "Fourth Man in the Fire"
"Plaisir D'Amour" "I Don't Wanna Know" "To Love Is to Bury" "You'll Be the Death of Me"

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