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Tracy is a clothing store owner on the HBO original series True Blood. Played by American guest starring actress Anastasia Ganias, Tracy makes her debut on the episode "Whatever I Am, You Made Me" in the series' fifth season. The owner and sole proprietor of Tracy's Togs, a clothing store in Bon Temps, Louisiana, Tracy was last seen in the Season 5 episode "Somebody That I Used to Know".




Season 5Edit

"Whatever I Am, You Made Me"Edit

Clothing store owner Tracy is heavily made-up, hair-sprayed and spray-tanned. She owns Tracy's Togs, a small town clothing store.

Jessica shops for clothes at Tracy's Togs. Tracy assures her that if she is trying to get Jason's attention then she needn't work so hard. Jessica immediately defends Jason, warning Tracy that if she wants her to continue spending money there, she will hold her tongue regarding Jessica's friends. A man walks in with a receipt. Jessica immediately reacts to his delightful scent and chases after him. ("Whatever I Am, You Made Me")

"Somebody That I Used to Know"Edit

Pam listens as Tara is insulted by Tracy. Tracy is pretending to be nice but everything she says is an insult, for example telling Tara that as a Vampire she is now "a member of two minorities".

Tracy insists that Tara has mixed her the wrong drink, blatantly changing her order after the drink has been poured. She calls Tara lazy and uppity. Tara swallows the insults then warns that they're not in high school anymore and that if Tracy persists with her racism she will "rip out [her] heart and fry it with grits and collard greens". Pam speeds over to the bar, scolds Tara and apologizes to Tracy, offering her the drink on the house.

Tracy insults Tara again, saying that she never could connect with people. Tara counters that she connected enough with Tracy's boyfriend to fuck him. Pam smirks with a hint of glee. Tracy claims that her life is great while Tara is just a barkeep. Tara responds "fuck you." Tracy moves on.

Pam abducts Tracy and imprisons her barefoot and spread eagle chained to the wheel in the basement of Fangtasia. Pam tells Tara that Tracy is hers and that she owes her after all the shit she was saying to her. Tara says that she thought Pam was mad to which, Pam replies, "You don't know me that well, my mad face and my happy face are the same."

Pam effortlessly glamours Tracy just as she did the customer:

"You, are worthless. Your only purpose is to serve Tara Thornton. You will worship Tara. Everything about her is a revelation. You exist only for Tara's nourishment. You will consider it a privilege to let your racist Peckerwood blood shoot into her gorgeous cocoa mouth. You are an unpaid food whore, a slave. And Tara is your master."
Pamela Swynford De Beaufort[src]

Pam looks at Tara and tells her to have fun. She ascends the stairs back to the club and smiles as Tara makes Tracy beg to be fed on. Her exact fate after that is unknown. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")


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