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Troy was a vampire on the HBO original series True Blood. Played by English actor Brett Lorenzini, Troy makes his debut on the episode "Jesus Gonna Be Here", at the beginning of the series' seventh season. Playing the role of a vampire infected with the Hepatitis V virus, Troy played a recurring role through the same season, and met an untimely demise on the episode "Death is Not the End", in the series' seventh, and final, season.




Season 7Edit

"Jesus Gonna Be Here"Edit

A large group of Hep-V infected vampires attack the human/vampire mixer at Bellefleur's Bar and Grill, and Troy is among them. Troy is drawn to Sookie because of her unique scent, as most vampires are. ("Jesus Gonna Be Here")

"I Found You"Edit

After Ronnie drains one of the H-Vamps' captives, cutting their rations by a fourth, Troy angrily berates him. ("I Found You")

"Fire in the Hole"Edit

Running low on food and energy, the Hep-V infected vampires are forced to go out to hunt for more. Jerome and Ronnie both die on the hunt, but Troy is able to escape. ("Fire in the Hole")

"Death is Not the End"Edit

Sookie, along with a large group of her friends and allies, goes to Fangtasia to rescue Arlene and Nicole. Troy is one of the H-Vamps in their way and a massive battle takes place, where nearly the entire group of Hep-V infected vampires is destroyed. Troy enters Fangtasia during the battle and attempts to attack Sookie, but is fatally shot by Jason Stackhouse. ("Death is Not the End")


According to the actor playing him, he is a bad guy, but deep down, he does have a heart of gold.


Season seven appearances
"Jesus Gonna Be Here" "I Found You" "Fire in the Hole" "Death is Not the End"
"Lost Cause" "Karma" "May be the Last Time" "Almost home"
"Love is to Die" "Thank you"

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