August 2009Edit

Tru Blood on the CBS early showEdit

Posted on August 24th, by TruBlood

CBS spotlights True Blood among the leaders of the vampire craze that has swept the nation. Along with the written piece is a video feature on the history of vampires in film & TV – once again, spotlighting True Blood. The video piece wraps up with the hosts of the "CBS Early Show" indulging in a taste of the actual Tru Blood product.

The article links here:;cbsCarousel and;photovideo

The Buzz sinks its teeth inEdit

Posted on August 11th, by TruBlood

HBO's The Buzz -- The Tru Blood beverage is unveiled by Alan Ball and everyone gets a taste at the after-hours release party. The cast and crew of True Blood received an overwhelming reception at Comic-Con, so a big thanks goes out to everyone!

Trubeverage com-080709-tru4-425

Mix it upEdit

Posted on August 9th, by TruBlood

Our friends at Slashfood took Tru Blood down and around the block for a spin, and came back with a winner. Mix Tru Blood with absinthe, and voila, the Dutch Blood is born. It's also surprisingly good as a beer cocktail, if you're not into the heavy stuff.

A Body of Shots on FlickrEdit

Posted on August 5th, by TruBlood

While we're cruising headlong toward September 10, there's a fine selection of shots on Flickr to check out. The shelves are waiting...

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This Blood's for YouEdit

Posted on August 2nd, by TruBlood

The buzz keeps going: We've got some additional coverage for you from InStyle Magazine and TIME. TruBlood also happens to be in the print edition of Entertainment Weekly this week, so pick that up if you happen to be at your local newsstand.

The article links here: and,28804,1913612_1913610_1913566,00.html

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