April 2010Edit

The Luxist Sips on some Luxuriously delicious Tru bloodEdit

Posted on April 12th, by TruBlood

After trying our favorite delectable drink, the trendy luxury blog The Luxist, has decided that Tru Blood should indeed be considered a luxury beverage; fit for the most decadent of vamps! They loved our heavy glass, perfectly replicated bottle and mysterious blood orange taste. For the folks at The Luxist, nothing comes closer to sipping on a Plasmapolitan at Fangtasia than tasting a Tru Blood while watching the season 3 premiere! Check out the luxuriously informative post here!

The article links here:

The True Blood Blog gets Ecstatic over Tru BloodEdit

Posted on April 12th, by TruBlood

We found another great blog post courtesy of the awesome folks at The True Blood Blog! The post points out some great features of the Tru Blood drink; mentioning that it is not only low in calories, but that it also includes 100% of your daily intake of some great essential vitamins! We liked this post because it listed some really neat non-alcoholic drink recipes; great for sipping on a warm Louisiana summer night. To check out this creative post, click here!

The article links here:

WonderCon SF Rap UpEdit

Posted on April 12th, by TruBlood

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to attend San Francisco’s WonderCon convention, we wanted to bring you some True Blood highlights! While IDW announced the release of their amazing new True Blood comic series at their panel, Tru Blood beverage set up sampling at the IDW booth. We sampled to over 20,000 attendees, complete with Merlotte’s and Fangtasia waitresses! Tru Blood was received with lots of excitement and fans kept coming back for more. It was great hearing so many positive reactions from eager True Blood devotees. Thanks to everyone that participated in WonderCon and we hope to see you all at other great events we have planned for the future!

Exclusive Promo CodeEdit

Posted on April 5th, by TruBlood

For all of you fans that didn't get a chance to visit our booth at WonderCon San Francisco; here is the exclusive coupon code for 20% off of your purchase of the Tru Blood beverage from the hbo website: DRINK20. This coupon is valid through April 15th.

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