August 2010Edit

How to Host a True Blood PartyEdit

Posted on August 16th, by TruBlood

For all of you Truebies out there deep into the intoxicating plot lines of Season 3, why not hold a True Blood themed party? Guaranteed all of your friends will go into a frenzy for some True Blood-y treats and temptations. For some tips, take a look at TD Gift Solution’s sweet blog on how to host a True Blood themed party! Suggestions include; creating the mood with enchanting red lighting, finding the perfect vampire related food theme, decorating your tables, giving your guests some goody bags with items fit to please the undead, and of course, grabbing a nice cold Tru Blood and concocting your own vamptastic cocktails. Check out the blog here!

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Food Fashionista hearts Tru BloodEdit

Posted on August 9th, by TruBlood

The folks over at Food Fashionista know that the next best thing to actually cuddling up with their leading vamp Eric Northman, is slowly sipping on a refreshing bottle of Tru Blood and fangtasizing. Seek out an ice cold bottle of Tru Blood to quench your thirst for the baddest vamp in Area 5! Check the blog post out here!

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