September 2010Edit

Loving Tru Blood in San DiegoEdit

Posted on September 22nd, by TruBlood

Even though we are on hiatus from our beloved True Blood, we still have Halloween to look forward to! And what makes an extraordinary addition to any True Blood themed party or costume? Well, the Tru Blood drink of course! Check out this fun posting from the blog My Burning Kitchen...Food Obsessed in San Diego! Having tried some Tru Blood at Wondercon, these guys were excited to finally get their hands on a bottle. Not only did they love the delectable tart taste, but they also appreciated the use of cane sugar and acknowledged that the soda is surprisingly low calorie! Check out the blog here and don't forget to start thinking about ways to make your True Blood Halloween bash to die for!

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Season 3 Finale PartyEdit

Posted on September 14th, by TruBlood

We were on the edge of our seats during the Season 3 Finale! Bill gone bad?! Tara chopping her hair off?! Sam going off the deep end?! So many twists and turns that we were gripping our precious Tru Bloods for dear life! We know that everyone had a fangtastic time at their parties and hope there were some bloody delicious Tru Blood cocktails being mixed. To see how others celebrated the end of an unbelievable season, check out this blog by the Houston Press and snag their yummy new Tru Blood drink recipe for your Halloween party!

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