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This community was created by the fans, for the fans. It is dedicated to housing a useful and informative database for all subject matter related to the HBO series True Blood, which was created by Alan Ball, and is based on Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampires Mysteries. Our goal is to collaborate with other fans in order to build a reliable, accurate resource with as much detailed information about episodes, characters, story elements, and merchandise as possible. All are welcome to join in and contribute here, so long as edits are constructive, discussions are positive, and both are relevant to this series.

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Sookie Warlow 6x10

Radioactive is the tenth and final episode of Season 6,and the seventieth episode of True Blood overall.Bill discovers that salvation comes at a price; Jason senses a vampire attraction firsthand. Sookie examines her future with Warlow, while Bon Temps braces itself when a new crisis threatens both humans and vampires.

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TrumanSeason6 Crop

Truman Burrell

Gov. Truman Burrell is the governor of Louisiana. A 'good ol' boy' politician with a bigoted vendetta against vampires. Governor Burrell is a politically savvy and perhaps overly ambitious man who tends to let his personal aspirations overshadow his humanity. Like virtually all right-wing conservative politicians, he sees vampires are monsters and does not see them as people despite knowing that they were once human.

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Season 7
True blood has been renewed for a seventh season. According to TV and E, It was rumoured that it will have two more episodes due to Anna Paquin's maternity leave.

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Do you think Season 7 will be a good send off for the show?

The poll was created at 01:49 on March 13, 2014, and so far 125 people voted.

Previous results:
Over 74% of voters said they were sad the series was ending, and that they weren't ready to say goodbye.

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Alexander Bill Moyer behind scenes

"To me you'll always be that girl in the white dress." - Eric Northman


True Blood Season 7 Clip Tease (HBO)(00:36)


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    Season 7 Trailer

    April 21, 2014 by Asnow89

    Hey there True Blood fans!

    Did you see the Season 7 teaser trailer for True Blood that JUST come out? Gave me chills! I seriously cannot wait for the season to begin.

    Here it is if you want to check it…

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    We know that age plays a MAJOR factor in determining a vampire's power level. Even a few years of greater age can make all the difference in a fight between 2 vampires.

    Then there is the thing about a…

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    Season 7 Teaser Released!

    April 4, 2014 by XD1
    New Season 7 teaser trailer, check it out!

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    Vampires are some of the most powerful supernatural creatures of all, so it takes a certain kind of brave, or a certain kind of crazy, to want to take a shot at them. From Dracula to Lestat, and all…

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