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About-header-TB True Blood is a collaborative Wiki dedicated to the HBO series True Blood created by Alan Ball, based on Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampires Mysteries. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! We don't bite...much.



James Kent
James Kent is a vampire that appears in the sixth and seventh seasons of True Blood. He is portrayed by Luke Grimes in the sixth season and Nathan Parsons in the seventh. James is a highly intelligent vampire, and is described as sexy, compassionate, and protective. He possesses a "poet's soul", and plays the guitar. He is unique among his kind as he shows this to Jessica when he refuses to have sex with her and has one of his fangs broken as a result.

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Vampires are reanimated corpses that drink blood to survive and maintain their powers. They were originally humans converted into a vampire by a "maker". Being technically deceased, their primary characteristics include a lack of a heartbeat, body heat, brainwaves, electrical impulses, need to breathe, and other bodily functions. Due to the creation of synthetic blood (Tru Blood), vampires have revealed themselves to the global population.

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HBO Promo Thank You Sookie BIll

Thank You—
"Thank You" is the tenth and final episode of the seventh and final season of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' eightieth episode overall. The series finale, this episode marks the official end of the True Blood series. Sookie weighs a future with and without Bill. Eric and Pam embark on a new enterprise, while Sarah faces the consequences of her actions.

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Did you agree with True Blood's send off?

The poll was created at 14:20 on August 25, 2014, and so far 831 people voted.

Previous results:
Over 56% of voters said they feel Season 7 would not be a good send off for True Blood.

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"If you die, I die." - Pam Swynford De Beaufort (to Eric)

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    Happy New Year 2015

    January 1, 2015 by Adamantoise

    Happy New Year, and welcome to 2015, to everyone here at the True Blood wiki! As 2014 comes to an end for most of us, we must be reminded of the past in order to advance into the future.

    Sure, this was…

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    Weakness to sunlight

    December 15, 2014 by Brad Davenport

    I was thinking that if vamps could actually overcome their weakness to sunlight?

    If a witch would create an amulet a ring to shield the undead from a specific weakness.Or some other way.Share your tho…

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