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I want to know why there is no comment section on this wiki in comparison to other entertainment wikis 20:19, May 23, 2012 (UTC)

Romans age. It says it 500 in one article but i suspect it's wrong sense other sources states that he introduced Rosalyn Harris to The autority 2000 years ago, sugesting that it was a printing error and that it's supposed to be 5000. 20:23, May 23, 2012 (UTC)

The members of the Authority can't be older than the ruling monarchs. I believe the authority was created during the ruling of the monarchs. They had to put spies within the monarchs to destroy them from within, like Bill on Sophie Ann, to get absolute control.

Sophie Ann is even older than any of them i believe.

How can Roman a 500 year old vampire leading vampires far older than him ? (He's the boss of the authority, and yet, Deiter, Kibwe and Salome are predicted to be 2000 years old more or less). Yet he can kill Alexandre without any fight and the others just looked all scared to him.

This Roman is even younger than Nan Flanagan and Erick.. How can he became the leader is still a big question for me.)

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