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The Charles One

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none of them watch True Blood...
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It's called survival instinct...- TheCharlesOne

About meEdit

  • Although I love Vampire's culture, I recently noticed I'm kinda werewolf-friendly.
  • After all... I grieve for Tommy...
  • Jesus died?!! so the big scary Demon inside him wasn't powerful enough to protect him... I guess he had to put Lafayette first... still, I'm sorry he is gone...
  • I hope Andy gets something really good this season... I think he has been mocked around all Bon Temps for too long...
  • I love Holly is a wiccan...
  • I really think Buffy could kick anyone's ass big time!!!

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The 30 Day Challenge ProgressEdit

  • Day 04 → "I don’t know what it is about me that makes people think I want to hear their problems. Maybe I smile too much. Maybe I wear too much pink. But please remember, I can rip your throat out if I need to, and also know that I am not a hooker. That was a long, long time ago." - Pam to Sookie
  • Day 08 → The whole relationship until season 4 (I hope it'll get back on track somehow).
  • Day 09 → In season 2 when Bill is buying clothes at a mall for Jessica and the assistant starts flirting with him but he refuses to go along with her; then Eric arrives and Bill complements his new looks (haircut), making the woman believed the were a gay couple. ("Keep This Party Going")
  • Day 13 → Godric's death meeting the sun ("I Will Rise Up"), but mainly Adele's death and how it was portrayed ("Sparks Fly Out")... Sookie finding her grans death in the kitchen, then cleaning the blood to keep the house clean as Adele always liked it, sookie trying to preserve her grans' last home-made pie, and then eating it while grieving her ("Cold Ground")... I so relate to that reaction... :(
  • Day 16 → "Evil is Going On", which was the first episode I watched entirely and was so AWESOME!! It got me hooked on True Blood... :)
  • Day 17 → NONE!! although if I have to choose I'll say the Unaired Pilot hehehehe, I love Tara just the way I know it. :)
  • Day 18 → Come on!! The one I did hate was Sam's father, Joe Lee Mickens, he was the worst person in the world, not Daphne!! I liked her, not exactly loved her but liked her... at least Daphne betrayed Sam because she loved or worshipped Maryann as her Goddess, but Joe Lee, he forced Melinda Mickens and Tommy into dog fights... he was trash, pure trash... Melinda was afraid of not finding love of someone who accepted her as a shifter, but Joe Lee... TRASH!!!
  • Day 24 → Pam!!!!!
  • Day 28 → Vampire hunters, meaning well trained humans in secret societies (not the fellowship of the sun church), like those portrayed in the Buffyverse... and maybe a Slayer too... someone that makes trhe vampires go "WTF?" but with much more action than witches casting spells...

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