As I go through pages making various updates on a quest to try and unify each and every page of the wiki in an overall attempt to achieve consistency and uniformity throughout, I started thinking about Category listings on individual pages.

You see, most of the characters are listed under the Characters Category as well as under their specific appearing season (for example, the Season 6 Characters Category).  Same as episode listings that appear under both the Episode Category and, for example, the Season 4 Episodes Category.

I want to start removing categories for redundancy and overall clarification.  Plus I think it'll make category pages appear more uniform.  Here's what I mean.

I don't think each and every character should be listed in the Character Category.  I think the Character Category should only possess seven entries: Season 1 Characters, Season 2 Characters, etc.

Same as episodes listings.  There should only be seven entries in the Episodes Category: Season 1 Episodes, Season 2 Episodes, etc.  

Each episode (and character [and whatnot]) will be listed in its specific Seasons list.  If they appear on more than one season, they should be included in the category for each season they appear in.  

Everything and anything that relates to, say, Season 7, shouldn't all be included on the Season 7 Category listing.  "Season 7" should really only possess a few categories - Season 7 Characters, Season 7 Episodes, etc. - all content from Season 7 will be included into their appropriate category found on the Season 7 Category.

Simply, I don't think the Category listings page (Characters, Episodes, Seasons, etc.), that act as a formal introduction to finding the content you are looking for (a list of Season 1 Characters, a list of Season 4 Episodes, etc.) should be jumbled up by the addition of items already included within their primary entries.  

What do you guys think?  Remove the duplicate categories and clear up the category listings page or just keep with adding all items to all categories (which, I doubt, was the wiki's original intent)? Adamantoise (talk) 19:44, July 31, 2014 (UTC)

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