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Welcome. While my join date reflects my only being on the wiki for a few days, as I've stated in the About Me section of my profile page, I was actually one of the original members (one of the first 100, anyway) on the original True Blood Wiki ( Unfortunately, after about three or four years I had to leave the wiki for awhile. That wiki no longer exists, obviously morphed into the Wikia wiki that it is today.

Now that I'm back I'm hoping I can once again be a valuable asset. I know a lot of users are leaving as the series comes to an end, and I know that a lot of spammers and vandals have been roaming. This is leading to a slow degradation of the wiki. Others may not see it but I see certain things. The staff here do an amazing job at what they do, but unfortunately they can't be on here 24/7, keeping an eye on each and every page. Not saying I can do anything that others can't. I'm just a fan that has loved this series since the very first episode. This wiki is too amazing to lose. That is why I would eventually like to create a printed version of this site to keep as a companion to the dvds.

The encyclopedic coverage of the series is comprehensive and definitive, and, as Wikipedia has shown us, can be the most professional and all-encompasing resource companion on a subject to date.

While the wiki itself remains expansive, it's by no means complete. While there is no Manual of Style, I want the coverage offered to be able to complete against global standards, all-the-while retaining an overall consistency and uniformity throughout each and every page in the Wiki.

I know some of you may not like my edits. I don't try and ruin anybody else's work by changing the layout of a sentence or the structure of a category tree. I'm just trying to create consistency throughout the wiki. Certain things I have done, like going through each and every Episode page, changing ordinal numbers, were just to create uniformity. Going from twenty-seventh to 28th and then back to twenty-ninth, or writing fourth on the fourth episode of a season's page and then writing 4th on the next season's fourth episode page create lapses in style that the wiki is too definitive to contain. That's why I went through each page and spelled out all ordinal numbers, while at the same time ensuring that each episode's introduction sentence was written the exact same way - same wording, same sentence structure, same punctuation, etc.

I'm sorry if that bothers some of you. I don't want to upset anybody. I just love True Blood as much as you guys and want its encyclopedic resource companion to be a reflection of the hard work and dedication that has went into the thousands of cumulative hours that shaped its creation. It deserves the best, and I just want to help make it the best. I guess I just want each and every article to read like an entry in an encyclopedia.

What do you guys think? Tell me your thoughts. Adamantoise (talk) 22:37, July 30, 2014 (UTC)

Article introductions and preposition usage

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that, in an effort to encylopdiacize each page, I believe that each article's introduction needs to mention what it is "on True Blood". Yes, it's rhetoric, but each article must be able to read as a standalone article. Therefore, it is imperative that its usage be defined with regards to the series. I want to achieve consistent and uniform preposition usage throughout article introductions, as well. "on True Blood", "in True Blood", "on the series True Blood", and "in the series True Blood" are all entirely different. Therefore I would like to try and simplify their usage by consistently using the same prepositional phrases to describe each page. Adamantoise (talk) 00:37, July 31, 2014 (UTC)

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