HappyMothersDay 2015-001

Happy Mother's Day to everyone here at the True Blood wiki! Hopefully you have a mom or motherly figure you can wish a Happy Mother's Day to, also.

Adele Stackhouse

Gran, you were one of the best moms anyone could have ever asked for.

Seeing Sookie and Brigette just became moms last year, I wanted to personally wish them a Happy Mother's Day. Hey, Sookie and Jason's kids can grow up together!

Here's to all of the new moms...

All of the old moms...

All of the older moms...

And even the vampire moms, whose progeny have relied upon them for maternal love and guidance...

I know I've missed a ton and I'll add to the list as I think about them and/or uncover and/or are told about them. Be sure to wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day no matter where she is, even in Heaven! (Unless she was one of those evil moms you see on TV, in which case, wish her a Happy Mother's Day down below.) Certain dads could fall into the Happy Mother's Day column, also, but it's generally best to save the greeting for the females.

Once again I'm rambling!

So let us not forget those True Blood mothers who made such a difference in the hearts, lives and minds of so many. No matter where you are, Happy Mother's Day, and rest assured, you will never be forgotten!

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