Being a Lebanese with an Arabic mother tongue, I could not help but be amazed at the use of Arabic Language in some instances in Fuck The Pain Away, specifically in Warlow's flashbaks as he recalls his conversations with Lilith and his tribe.

The first indication that was startling was the question that Lilith , and later Warlow's dad asked him: "What Are You?"

The question, as pronounced is :" Ma Ant", which is the exact Arabic translation of the question : " What Are You"

I could also pick up on three words as well . " Allah " = God.       " Wa Anta" = And You

and " Dimaa" ( Dimaa in Arabic is Blood ) which is consistent with the translation " vampire" . Arabs refer to vampires, in Arabic as Blood Suckers.

As far as I am concerned, and partly because I am an Arab, I believe these indications should be further pondered. I hope one of the contributors can provide more insight on the use of such language, and I sure hope the TB writers knew what they were doing when they decided to have Lilith speak Arabic almost 3500 before Christ.

More thorough examples are found in the " Allusions " section corresponding to the episode " Fuck The Pain Away"

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