Allow me to start by saying that the latest episode - At Last - is the best I have ever watched since the series began.

I had not felt this way for many many years, not only while watching True Blood, but also while watching any other series whatsoever. I gotta saythat Alan Ball really and deeply inspired the new team. What do you expect anyway, from the famous Six Feet Under director ?

Not to go into other "realms" now, I have this urge to share my expectations and anticipation with you guys, as a new member in the wiki, and as a True Blood fanatic whose thurst increases every week. 

Ever since season 4 ended, it became clear that the plot will get more complex. We had moved away from small details and small worlds of Sookie-Bill-Eric love triangle, Jason's unfortunate romance experiences, Sam's confusion and hesitation, Andy's aimless path  and Tara's messed up life. The premiere episode ofseason 5 showed that there are much bigger, more interesting and more challenging elements in the show that make the abovementioned details insignificant, to say the least. Having been introduced to the authority, even Russel's almighty was not the concern, as we saw how stupidly and impetuously kept craving the fae blood like a child, while more challenging events were taking place, events that shape the lives of our charcters starting with the Sanguinistas plan to overthrow the Authority

Season 6 introduces even more complex plots: Bill/ith , Warlow, the Human war - seriously taken now -  against the supernatural. All of these plots have their own stories that affect the remaining characters of the show. Bill clearly affects Andy's life, Warlow clearly affects Sookie's and the Humans clearly affect Eric. Generally , however, this is the first I ever see a certain story moving from the small world of one character and affecting all other characters equally. Bill's plan not only affects Andy, but he has his own motives regarding the fate of humans and vampires altogether. Warlow's interest in Sookie will reveal even more details about her past, her parents and the prospects of a new relationship in a world where everybody hates everybody. The Human War, seen through Eric's plot, pushes him to make decisions and take steps he never thought of doing ever again - turning Willa, for instance. 

The most " ecstatic " of all is that all the three main plots - Bill/ith, Warlow/Ben/Sookie, and the human war on vampires-  are bound to interestct and become one hell of a plot. One can come up with hundreds of scenarioes on how Warlow can help Bill - or put an end to him for that matter , how Eric and the gang can seek the help of Bill instead of trying to kill him, and also seek the help of Warlow. This is just an example, a very minor one...and I believe the True Blood wrting and directing staff will definitely give the best of the best.

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