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    Meeting The Sun

    June 30, 2013 by Anamantiumninja

    I was watching the episode which Godric dies and I noticed with vampires, well ancient vampires atleast when they meet the sun their entire body is burned into nothing. When Antonia/Marnie performed the spell that made the vampires walk into, the fat lady vampire she turned into the normal puddle of blood and remains. So I guess that means when a vampire meets the sun their age determines if your body becomes nothing or the puddle of goo. So when Lilith died the Vampire Bible stated that her progonies gethered her remains, but there couldn't have been any remains unless she existed for only a few centuries.

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  • Anamantiumninja

    Based on what I seen in the premire, I doubt Lillith is dead. The vampire Bible states she met the True Deat by meeting the sun. But when Bill drunk her blood and got all of her abilities he was able to walk in the sun, a stake in the heart couldn't kill him, nor did the fire. Based on the preview he may have walked in Sookies house without permission. It seems she doesnt share the same weaknesses that the other vampires do. So could she really be dead?, hopefully those images Bill saw might shed some light on the matter.  Lillith could have been banished to another dimension like what the faerie elder tried to do with Russel and she left her blood behind so that one day a vampire could save her, who knows.

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