• Archmagus


    If you haven't watched the first episode of Season 7 then you shouldn't read this!!!!

    Okay, so Tara died. What the actual fudge is that about?! When it happened, I put it on pause and sat there for about 30 minutes to an hour with my jaw dropped in awe. I was sad. I was mad. I was confused. I was disappointed. I was confused (yeah I know I said that already). I didn't want to finish the rest of the episode and I almost didn't. I managed to get my head together so I could finish watching but I didn't enjoy it that much. In fact, I doubt I'll enjoy the rest of the season that much and not b/c I'm upset that Tara is dead but b/c of the direction I see the finale going after Tara's death. Tara has been a major central character …

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