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    Ever wonder how your favorite directors and tv shows always have the coolest props? The best have their own "Prop Department" creating custom swords, trinkets, and in this case crucifixes! These three crosses were created for an upcoming scene in the fourth season of True Blood. The next step is to have Alan Ball choose which style he prefers.. Which do you want to see on True Blood?

    Source: Inside True Blood Blog

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  • Babyjabba

    In case you missed it during Paleyfest, check out this sneak peek at the fourth season of True Blood.

    This time Hoyt Fortenberry takes on a crowd of anti-vampire protesters outside of Fangtasia. The demonstrators are chanting, “Steve Newlin’s right. Devils of the Night!...”

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  • Babyjabba

    True Blood Handbags

    April 5, 2011 by Babyjabba

    Hey Truebies, check out the latest True Blood inspired fashion! Hammit Los Angeles and HBO have collaborated on a line of high end True Blood handbags!

    The bags range in price from $395 for "Sookie," to $675 for the "Lafayette." Would you shell out several hundred dollars for a purse named after your favorite character? They are a little too steep for me but I'm in love with the styles and descriptions!

    The handcrafted bags were made in California out of 100% Italian leather. Hammit has created 5 bags unique bags: "Sookie," "Alcide," "Eric," "Lafayette," and "Fangtasia." Check out Hammit's descriptions of these fangtastic bags below. The bags will debut this August...

    The “Sookie” is a ladylike frame bag featuring grey suede and delicate plea…

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  • Babyjabba

    Have you already Pre-Ordered the third season of True Blood? Check out all the extra content the DVD and Blu-Ray copies will feature below!

    • Ep 2 Audio Commentary w/ Alexander Skarsgard and Scott Winant
    • Ep 3 Audio Commentary w/ Michael Lehmann and Alexander Woo
    • Ep 4 Audio Commentary w/ Kristin Bauer and David Petrarca
    • Ep 6 Audio Commentary w/ Alan Ball and Dennis O’Hare
    • Ep 7 Audio Commentary w/ Anna Paquin, Joe Manganiello, and Brian Buckner
    • Ep 12 Audio Commentary w/ Stephen Moyer and Anthony Hemingway
    • Minisodes
    • Post Mortems
    • Anatomy of a Scene
    • Snoop Dogg Video

    • Ep 302 Audio Commentary w/ Alexander Skarsgard and Scott Winant
    • Ep 303 Audio Commentary w/ Michael Lehmann and Alexander Woo
    • Ep 304 Audio Commentary w/ Kristin Bauer and David Petrarca
    • Ep 306 Audi…

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  • Babyjabba

    Can't wait to pick up the newest novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series, Dead Reckoning? Now you can read the entire third chapter! Charlaine Harris' full novel wont be released until May 3, but you can thank Dead Reckoning publisher, the Penguin Group, for giving die hard truebies a little taste. Read a short excerpt below or read the full chapter here!

    I enjoyed driving to work for the evening shift when it was still light outside. I turned up the radio and sang “Crazy” right along with Gnarls Barkley. I could identify.

    Jason passed me driving in the opposite direction, maybe on his way to his girlfriend’s house. Michele Schubert was still hanging in the relationship. Since Jason was finally growing up, she might make something permanent wi…

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