Vampire Bill
Things may looking grim for vampire Bill, but he isn't out for the count yet! In case you missed the season 3 finale, Bill and Sookie had a falling out after Eric revealed Bill's original motivations. Zap2it caught up with the real life Sookie Stackhouse, Anna Paquin and her hubby Stephen Moyer at PaleyFest and Moyer seemed optimistic about his future in Bon Temps.

"I think that he would argue that everything he's done was out of love," Moyer revealed. "And I think he got himself into such a difficult situation, because his love surprised him. So, some of the things he had been sent to do were things that he had to do, because of his place in vampire society."

"I think he will try and redeem himself in some way," Moyer added.

So what do you think truebies? Was Bill justified in his actions? Or should Sookie move on to a new vamp?


Source: Zap2it

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