The best motivation to stay in shape? True Blood star, Anna Paquin credits her nude scenes! “And you wonder why actresses are so thin! Someone takes your clothes away and then sticks a camera on your body. You’re going to exercise, even if you hate it more than anything. I’m pretty lucky that I actually like exercise.”

The Kiwi isn't kidding! She continues, “I like trying stuff. I was a gymnast when I was younger, so I’ve always really liked that kind of stuff. I do Pilates, I run, I do yoga…” The 28 year old stars latest crazy? Boxing! “Punching stuff really hard tends to get out aggression. I think most people who box would probably tell you that – or those who have punched a wall or two!”

Whats her favorite thing about working on a show like True Blood? She loves the blood and gore that playing Sookie Stackhouse entails. “I love getting really involved in it and getting into weird, physical, dirty, vampire, blood, whatever. That, to me, is the fun stuff. It’s awesome! I was never one of those prissy, girlie girls that didn’t want to get their clothes dirty. I never cared. When I grew up in New Zealand, I was always barefoot and hanging upside down from a tree.”

The one downside to all the blood and guts? It can ruin a girls dye job! “Last season, they pureed a vampire on top of me. They shot a sort of hose with gallons of blood and vampire chunks at my face. I’m obviously not a real blonde and it would be a really big disaster if I ended up with pink hair or something.” Luckily, she is provided with a wig for any messy jobs!

Source: NZ Woman Weekly

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