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Cronenberg Connection in Season 4?

Babyjabba January 18, 2011 User blog:Babyjabba
Spoiler Alert!

True Blood cast members gathered for HBO's Golden Globes after party Sunday night and Joe Manganiello and Todd Lowe, Terry Bellefleur, let a few little spoilers drop... If this little tidbit is true....just Wow! If you don't want to know, this is your last warning. Enjoy cast pics instead:

Check out photos of the gorgeous cast here!

Joe revealed that if season 3 was the season of the werewolf then season 4 is the season of the witch. The first teaser for the new season also backs this up. But the real surprise came from Lowe, who revealed, "There's a new presence in Terry and Arlene's life." when asked if the new presence were a baby or a monster, Manganiello teased, "Both! Have you seen The Fly? It's like that."

...Could the baby growing in Arlene end up missing a few chromosomes? I have to say, I wasn't expecting them to take that approach! It'll be interesting to find out if that is a joke or if René's seed spawns a demon child!


Source: E! Online

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