3x09 -russell edgington reacts to finding talbot dead
*spoiler alert*

Denis O'Hare, aka Russell Edgington, aka The King of Mississippi, best known for ripping a reporters spine out on live television on the hit HBO show True Blood, got down and dirty with TB fans at San Diego’s Comic-Con convention this year.

“Comic-Con is a special kind of crazy,” the actor joked. “I got surrounded by the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation,” he exclaimed. “First Deanna Troi [Marina Sirtis] walked up, then Data [Brent Spiner], then Worf [Michael Dorn]. I was just like ‘Oh my God!’”

The King does have high hopes of returning for another season on True Blood even though *spoiler alert* he was encased in cement at the end of season three. “I love the show and really hope I’m back next year," he said. "It's a very good atmosphere."

400px|center|My Name Is Russell Edgington


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