Michael McMillian
"So far I've been in every season, so I'm holding out hope that I'll be back for at least a minute or two in season four," Michael McMillian said in a recent interview. McMillian plays the leader of the Fellowship of the Sun, fan favorite Steve Newlin. "I trust those writers implicitly, so when and if it's time for Steve to come back, they'll do it in a way that's really satisfying for fans of Fellowship of the Sun. I love playing a character who is sort of a looming threat at the moment. One of the greatest things about playing a villain is people wondering when he's going to make his comeback."

I'm sure he will pop up next season, its just a question of how big his role will be! But don't fret Truebies, Michael McMillian isn't leaving the True Blood universe anytime soon. McMillian is set to write a story arc for IDW Publishing's True Blood comic book series! The six issue story will follow Jessica Hamby after she drinks a contaminated bottle of Tru Blood. TV series creator, Alan Ball has already given his approval and Michael says it will fit into the "True Blood" events we've already seen on the small screen.

"For me, this is the closest thing I'll have to writing an episode for the time being, and I say that in the sense that I love these characters and I love these actors," Michael said. "At the risk of sounding a little pathetic, it kind of gives me a chance to hang out with those characters and those actors again full-time."


Source: MTV

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