Anna Paquin, better known as the mind reading fairy Sookie in True Blood, has a brief appearance in the upcoming slasher flick, Scream 4! Now I love horror films, especially the original Scream, but guess who isn't a fan... Paquin's sexy counterpart, on and off the show, Stephen Moyer!

“I loathe scary movies. I famously walked out of Scream 1 because I was so scared after Drew Barrymore got slashed to pieces,” he confessed.

Stephen can’t believe his wife is brave enough to star in the film, and he has no desire to follow in her footsteps. He admits he usually has the stamina and concentration-span to endure any type of film, but with scary films he just can’t handle the pressure.

“She is bonkers. I even know how they do it, I know how it is all done, but as soon as I am in the movie house I lose it,” he added. "I am a really good audience, but my nerves are in shreds in those types of movies.”

Anna-scream 4

Source: True Blood Nest

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