Have no idea what CampBlood is? They describe their blog as Horror Entertainment news, reviews and ooze from a picky sissy! If you have never been there you should definitely check it out! This year they asked their readers to vote for the best and worst of the year in horror. And guess what...True Blood stole a ton of the awards!

Russell Kills AnchorAward

Best Horror TV Show of the Year
Winner: True Blood with 52%
Runner-Up: The Walking Dead with 22%

Horror Hunk of the Year
Winner: Joe Mangianello as Alcide on True Blood with 28%
Runner-Up: Alexander Skarsgard as Eric on True Blood with 26%

Horror Queer of the Year
Winner: Russell Edgington from True Blood with 25%
Runner-Up: Denis O’Hare as Russell Edgington on True Blood with 17%

Gross-Out Moment of the Year
Winner: Bill & Lorena’s Sex Scene from True Blood with 34%
Runner-Up: The Human Centipede: “Feed her!” with 27%
This one really should have gone to Human Centipede. If you haven't seen it, be glad!

Most Memorable Horror Moment of the Year
Winner: Russell Edgington’s Spine-Ripping Newscast on True Blood with 46%
Runner-Up: Lorena’s Head Twist on True Blood with 20%

Check out the rest of the list at CampBlood. Overall, their list reinforces that great horror has moved to the small screen. With terrible remakes clogging the box office I'm more than happy to stay home and watch great shows like The Walking Dead, Dexter, and of course True Blood! What was your favorite horror flick this year?

Source: CampBlood

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