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Vamp King of Mississippi says "Vampires Don't Sparkle!"

Babyjabba February 8, 2011 User blog:Babyjabba
The coolest King in the south, Denis O’Hare, isn't into the vampires in Twilight!

“Real vampires don’t sparkle, they don’t glisten,” Denis told “They can’t go out in the day and they definitely aren’t celibate! Come on!”

And I for one, totally agree! Just the idea that vampires sparkle....ugh! How about you? Do you think that Twilight Vamps and True Blood Vamps can co-exist? Or are the "vegetarians" in Twilight inferior creatures?

3x09 -russell notes that vampires shouldn't co-exist with humans, humans are only a vampires food

Source: True Blood News

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