Alan ball
Creating a hit show is extremely hard. Creating two is almost impossible, but Alan Ball did it. He created two amazing, challenging, revolutionary shows for HBO, True Blood and Six Feet Under (without which Michael C Hall would never have been Dexter). He recently told journalists how he knew he had found the right home for his creativity...

"The experience that stands out to me the most is the first meeting about 'Six Feet Under.' When I worked at the broadcast networks, all the notes I got could basically be distilled into two thoughts: Make everybody nicer and articulate the subtext. Both of which are just death to good storytelling. When I turned in the 'Six Feet Under' pilot, the note I got was, 'We love it, but it feels a little safe. Can you make the whole thing just a little more fucked up?' Seriously. And I just had this moment of like, 'OK, I'm in the right place.' Doing any show is so incredibly hard, and I feel so lucky in that I've done two with HBO that have been really functional and sane. I'm actually working with people who seem to be interested in making shows better, not just different because they need to justify their salaries."

Can't get enough of Alan Ball? Check out his award winning drama about a family who lives above/owns and operates a funeral parlor, Six Feet Under!


Source: Variety

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