• Bellagothforever

    Hi guys. I am a giant fan of both the Books and the series of True Blood. But I was just wondering, Season 5 showed the first real steps of abondoning the Books. Of course they included the packmaster and shifter-killer storylines but they were simply backstories that were resoved 8 episodes in. I don't mind the Lilith story line, but it seems season 6 isn't going to to based on Definitely Dead whatsoever.

    For example, Quinn is a major character during these books, but Alan Ball said there aren't any plans to bring him in. I personally hate Quinn, but he is importent to set up what happens in the subseqent books.

    Also, in book 7 All Togther Dead, the vampire summit takes place, which is an amazing storyline, one that really can't be missed o…

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