Hi guys. I am a giant fan of both the Books and the series of True Blood. But I was just wondering, Season 5 showed the first real steps of abondoning the Books. Of course they included the packmaster and shifter-killer storylines but they were simply backstories that were resoved 8 episodes in. I don't mind the Lilith story line, but it seems season 6 isn't going to to based on Definitely Dead whatsoever.

For example, Quinn is a major character during these books, but Alan Ball said there aren't any plans to bring him in. I personally hate Quinn, but he is importent to set up what happens in the subseqent books.

Also, in book 7 All Togther Dead, the vampire summit takes place, which is an amazing storyline, one that really can't be missed out. But without a Queen Sophie-Anne how will they put it in? Without it, how will Sookie and Eric Bond for the third time and be connected by blood?

Sorry for rambeling, Just wanted to ask your opinions. What do you think will happen in the next series and do you think they will stray further and further from the books?

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