There are only two episodes left in True Blood Season 6, and the latest teaser promo for the rest of the season has us more excited than ever to see what happens next. It's also rife with hints about the end of the season, so we've taken a close look to see what we can learn that wasn't already revealed in the Episode 9 promo. The sun door begins to open. We see it at :05. Dun, dun, dun. Vamps feeding. At :10 we see vamps feeding off of someone as they look up. Then we see Pam, mouth covered in blood, looking up as the sun door opens. Do they drink Bill or Warlow's blood? (Maybe even Eric's?)

Blastoff! Vamp super powers activate at :19. Looks like Eric flying to us, but we're not positive. Faerie portal fun. At :19 we see Bill thrown out of the faerie world. Jason with the therapist. Why is Jason with the creepy therapist at :22? And what's with Pam's ear splitting scream? Bill covered in blood. At :25, we see Bill collapsed, covered in blood. Bloody vamp. A vamp covered in blood (perhaps burnt?) holds a finger to her lips at :26. Who is it? We can't tell. Warlow and Sookie. We see Warlow with Sookie at :27. Well, at least he's up. Andy's got a gun. We see Andy with a big gun at :29. Literal piles of blood. Blood comes spilling out if something at :29. A lot of blood. Sarah Newlin cowering. At :29 we also see Sarah Newlin cowering. Go Sookie go. At :29 Sookie does something very dramatic with her powers.


True Blood Season 6 Prayer Tease00:36

True Blood Season 6 Prayer Tease

True Blood Season 6 Episode 9 Clip - Scent of a Werewolf01:09

True Blood Season 6 Episode 9 Clip - Scent of a Werewolf

True Blood seems like it just started, but Season 6, Episode 9: “Life Matters,” is only a few days away — and it’s the penultimate episode! Yep, Truebies, that means this is the last episode until the finale, and this clip from the funeral definitely surprised us. In the video, we see two returns — Ms Fortenberry, Hoyt’s mom, who is still anti-vampire — and Sookie and Alcide’s sexual tension. Yes, at Terry’s funeral, they’re making eyes at each other. Apparently he dressed up for the occasion and she’s very thankful he came; in fact, they even make plans to see each other after. Check out the sneak peek above, and prepare to laugh out loud at the final line of dialogue!
True Blood Season 6 Clip Trailer-000:46

True Blood Season 6 Clip Trailer-0

It showed us at least a brief snippet of each and every storyline, including Jason’s fight against Warlow, Bill’s new and improved vamp powers, Sookie’s love triangles and signature role of defiance, the torture of Tara with a new anti-vampire tool, and the overall vampire ass-kicking we’re all going to be shocked to see. It also shows more bared fangs in 30 seconds than a year at the dentist’s office, however, so one can only imagine that vampires will manage to emerge victorious. The promo also gives more of an insight into the “new Bill” – the one who melted into a pile of redness after drinking the blood of Lilith last season and then became reincarnated. It’s certainly not the Bill we first met, who had an multigenerational politeness about him but, instead, he appears to have a new, arrogant take-no-prisoners approach. In fact, he barges into Sookie’s house at one point, declaring, “I play by a different set of rules now.” A different set of rules, indeed – he’s even shown at one point embracing the sun. What the what!? Eric also seems to have gone from a belligerent fighter to one who is resigned to all vampires meeting the true death. In fact, he says, “We have nothing to fight him with.” That’s not the Eric we know and love! What is going on this season? The Governor is emerging as a worthy opponent, evilly declaring in the promo, “I want this town lit up like a Christmas tree.” Who knew one human could prove to be the possible downfall of all things vampire? While the show seems to have taken a darker plot turn with a war brewing and all new enemies to face, the promo assures us we’re in forall the same bloody gore, gratuitous sex scenes, and evil scheming that we’ve come to know and love about True Blood. Which storyline are you most excited to explore?

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