So my journey has been long with True Blood. When i first was turned onto the Vampire ways i was actually very young. I enjoyed movies relating to vampires, and any mythical creatures relating to vampires, werewolves, transylvania. I began reading the Twilight books first, and like every other teen i was hooked. It was only when i started watching True blood that i realized that True Blood was way better. More accurate than vampires sparkling in the sunlight. So after the first season of True Blood i decided i should probably read the books. I was hesitant because I was afraid it might ruin the already fantastic HBO series. I was pleasantly surprised at the books and the series. THEY ARE SO SIMILAR. I was so surprised how to the T True Blood was. Im just so thrilled with a series that fits so well to the books. Season Two was even better. It is so captivating. Now for why I deserve the package. I have been trying to get the seasons on DVD but it is near impossible. I have been cheated out of my money on Ebay about 3 times trying to get them. they will get my money then not send the DVD's its unfortunate and unfair. It is not just the DVD's but the book series as well i've tried that one twice. This would be an awesome reward for all my efforts and bad luck. I have always wanted to try the true blood but never have had the chance. I honestly dont trust Ebay anymore. I am so excited for the new season to start. I just think this package would make the event even better and i can share it with my friends and family. I would really appreciate this opportunity. Thank You for your time!

P.S. The premier is on my birthday. This would make the best Birthday present ever.

Camille Humphrey

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