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  • CaraFaithDonovan

    Sinking down into the steaming water, she allowed her thoughts to come back to the Sheriff. Tonight she would discover if he agreed to the date she had wrote him about, and the request for her freedom. This wasn't a request she had made lightly of him, she knew that he had the power to destroy her if he so chose to do so. She had taken great risks to protect her heart, and hoped dearly she wouldn't regret that decision later tonight.

    As the scent of lavender filled the room from her bath, she imagined what life would have been like had they met at a different place at time. She wondered if she would have had the opportunity to be his love before he had been turned. There had been many nights that she imagined a life like that with him, and …

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  • CaraFaithDonovan

    As she saddled up Demon Lover, the moonlight was pouring down from the sky and a cool breeze whispered around her. She rode him out into the night, feeling compelled for some strange reasons knowing she needed to do this. Stopping by the stream to let him drink, she caressed his fur and whispered soft soothing words against his graceful neck. With no warning whatsoever Demon Lover became agitated, and she was suddenly flying into the air in complete shock.

    She never hit the ground, Eric caught her into his arms and she felt her heart race as she gazed into his icy blue eyes. Feeling the same nervous rush of adrenaline that she always felt when he was near, she could only wrap her arms around his neck and stare back at him. She was shocked …

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  • CaraFaithDonovan

    The entire day she had this feeling that something just wasn't right with her. She had hardly thought of Eric at all today and it was really starting to worry her now. When she did have the stray thought of him and closed her eyes, she could hardly see his face at all. It left an emptiness in her heart that made her ache in ways she didn't want to explore. Laying down in her bed she felt the tears stream down her face as misery filled her soul.

    Like a symphony, the fears rose in a crescendo of emotional agony. The thoughts of how she would ever live her life without needing him desperately was something she felt unable to deal with. It came to her suddenly that the blood bond was fading,and she felt her heart drop into her stomach as a pai…

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  • CaraFaithDonovan

    Eric felt his temper snap as he left Cara alone again. He could have taken her and she would have put up little fight, he knew that with no doubt whatsoever. He should have enjoyed every ounce of passion she possessed until the need for her body was completely erased from his mind.

    Why had he ever had a conscious with her to begin with? It left him frustrated beyond comprehension. He considered finding some other woman and using her until Cara’s face disappeared completely from his thoughts. The idea held little appeal for him at the moment and without thinking he made his way back to her house.

    She was still lying on her bed seeming to sleep restlessly. He allowed his eyes to drink her in remembering every curve that was hidden from his vie…

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