The entire day she had this feeling that something just wasn't right with her. She had hardly thought of Eric at all today and it was really starting to worry her now. When she did have the stray thought of him and closed her eyes, she could hardly see his face at all. It left an emptiness in her heart that made her ache in ways she didn't want to explore. Laying down in her bed she felt the tears stream down her face as misery filled her soul.

Like a symphony, the fears rose in a crescendo of emotional agony. The thoughts of how she would ever live her life without needing him desperately was something she felt unable to deal with. It came to her suddenly that the blood bond was fading,and she felt her heart drop into her stomach as a pain so deep filled her, that had she been standing up she would have fallen to her knees from it. Some hidden part of her thought she should be happy that he wouldn't haunt her every moment, but that part of herself was pushed aside in the sudden terror of not having him with her in whatever small way.

Sleep pulled her into it's deep mist as the emotion became entirely to much to handle. "I can stop the pain, Cara," his mocking voice had her looking at him in complete shock. He sat down on the bed beside her his hand stroking her hair as if she were a child that needed to be soothed. Her eyes were filled with the agony that she was feeling and she knew that whatever the cost, if he had a solution she was going to accept it. "How," her voice escaped in a strangled whisper knowing that she was on the verge of losing her very sanity.

"Drink from me again," the mocking smile played on his face, his icy blue eyes staring deeply into hers, mesmerizing her like he had the first time she had tasted him. It wasn't an option, denying him, everything inside of her called to her to drink him in so deeply that he would never leave her again. Biting her lip as she stared back into his eyes hungrily, she could only nod. The smile that found his face almost seemed genuine as she accepted his offer.

He opened his wrist so that small droplets of blood appeared and she greedily pulled that wrist to her mouth and drank deeply of him. In sudden need she sank her nails into his hand and held him to her tightly, allowing every ounce of him to slide down her throat, the sensations completely overloading her. She knew what she was doing, knew that with every taste of him, she gave him more control over her life. Control be damned she thought, I want to give it all to him.

She could feel her head grow light, sense his need, and she drank on until her forced her to stop by snatching his hand away forcefully. "I have no intention of cooking you, Cara," the mocking smile growing even more, his work here was done. "She stared back at his wrist greedily her body aching for even more and her words growing bolder as she felt his essence move through her veins. "I think I would not care if you did, Eric" her eyes were filled with a different hunger as she moved closer to him, not caring if he knew how much she needed him.

Thinking to herself, 'take me now why are you waiting', the thought instantly making her body respond as if she had spoken the words aloud. His chuckle filled the room, and she had no doubt he heard every word she had said, as if she had screamed it at the top of her lungs. He stood and undressed, feeling a strange humor at knowing how deeply his control was over this girl. If he had possessed a soul, he might have felt some remorse for allowing it to go on, but he had none to speak of.

He walked over to the opposite side of the bed and lay down his hands folded behind his head as he stared up unseeing at the ceiling. "If you desire me so badly, Cara, you take me," His words shocked and excited her at the same time. She had no idea at all how to take him as he wanted, but her body demanded that she figure it out, and quickly. She stood up quickly and pulled her gown over her head, leaving her clad in nothing but her own skin. Crawling back on the bed, she glanced over him taking in every detail of his perfection.

She bit her lip as she considered how to best please him and with little hesitation her mouth found his chest and her tongue circled his nipple before grazing it none-to gently with her teeth. He never moved as he allowed her to explore him, and it frustrated her to think that maybe he truly wasn't finding pleasure in her touch. Her hands were shaking but there was nothing timid in her action as she allowed that hand to trail down his muscled abdomen and lower to grasp him in her hand.

With a skill she had never truly been taught she caressed the long length of him, enjoying the texture and feeling him grow even larger if that were even possible. A groan escaped his lips as her hand slowly worked it's magic allowing desire to make up for her lack of experience. She lowered her mouth to him and suckled him in deeply, groaning herself as her body almost came undone by just tasting him.

With a need she didn't quite understand she straddled him, holding him in her hand and guiding him into her tight sheath. His eyes met hers and she could see the lust written in them, as she lowed herself onto him, feeling him stretch her impossibly as she gasped softly. With little warning he pulled her forcefully down on him by grabbing her hips, until he completely filled her, her breath escaping her quickly.

"My demon lover," her voice managed to whisper as her body held him tightly thinking suddenly about the black Friesian horse she had purchased with him in mind. He chuckled at her thoughts as he felt desire rush through his own body at her inexperienced ride. "Show me, Cara, let this ride be wild and intense," his words inflamed her as she lifted herself groaning at the sensation before lowering again almost ready to come undone before the ride even truly began.

She took everything he had to offer and gave it back to him measure for measure, riding her dark stallion like he was the most prized possession she would ever hold. It was magic as she discovered a rhythm that had him groaning and feeling as if his own passion would explode at any moment. His hands gripped her hips and flipped her over and he drove into her savagely, the time for experimenting was over, he demanded she fulfill him now. She came undone instantly, her body pulsing and pulling him deeply inside her trembling folds. Within only moments he joined her and filled her body with his passion.

She felt every sensation, and not only hers but his as well and it was completely overwhelming. The sights, the sounds, the smells all combining together until her head was spinning out of control. Her body satiated and still filled with him, she wrapped her arms around him tightly never wanting to let go, pleading in her mind to allow this moment to last forever. Closing her eyes she tried to calm her breathing and the sensations that flooded her like a river running through her soul. When she opened them again, long minutes later, he was gone.

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