Eric felt his temper snap as he left Cara alone again. He could have taken her and she would have put up little fight, he knew that with no doubt whatsoever. He should have enjoyed every ounce of passion she possessed until the need for her body was completely erased from his mind.

Why had he ever had a conscious with her to begin with? It left him frustrated beyond comprehension. He considered finding some other woman and using her until Cara’s face disappeared completely from his thoughts. The idea held little appeal for him at the moment and without thinking he made his way back to her house.

She was still lying on her bed seeming to sleep restlessly. He allowed his eyes to drink her in remembering every curve that was hidden from his view by the dress she was wearing. Leaning over the bed he unbuttoned the buttons that lined the front of her dress. She moaned softly in her sleep as the last button was undone.

With a practiced ease he opened the fabric revealing her lacy bra, her breasts seeming to overfill the confines of the restricting garment and beg for his touch. It took every ounce of willpower he owned to not fondle their weight in his hands as his eyes drank her in.

He allowed his eyes to roam lower over her flat stomach, then beyond to the tiny scrap of fabric that covered her sex. Biting back a growl he fought to not rip off the material and drive deeply inside her taking what he needed to stop the ache that had his shaft straining to possess the lovely body laid out before him like an offering from the Gods.

As her eyes opened she couldn’t help but wonder if this was some dream she was going to wake up from and kick herself for having. Eric wasn’t staring down upon her, he wasn’t even in the same room with her, God please let me wake up she begged in a silent prayer. She hadn’t dreamed of him in months, and honestly she thought her dreams of him were over.

“This is not a dream Cara,” he ran a hand through his hair absently and his voice seemed to brim with self derision. She pulled the dress together in front and sat up quickly. Her hands trembled as she attempted to button it again.

“Stop,” the word escaped his lips harsher than he intended as he struggled to control the urge to take her right then and there. Her hands froze on the buttons. “You should leave Eric,” she whispered the words softly afraid if he didn’t leave now she would beg him to do what his eyes were screaming he wanted. “You should never tell me what to do, Cara,” his voice grew deeper as his anger at her rejection fueled his need to punish her.

“Please Eric,” she whispered again, knowing very well how quickly his demeanor could change when he felt he was being disobeyed. He sat down on the bed beside her, his eyes suddenly cold and determined. She felt her heart race and caught her breath for a moment, afraid to move.

“Denying myself what I want is not acceptable to me,” his hand reached out to caress her cheek and she jumped startled at the contact. How long had she ached to feel his touch again, to burn beneath the skill of the lover that he was. Closing her eyes she willed her body to not respond.

God if his hand on her cheek could make her melt how much greater would it feel to have him deep inside her again. Opening her eyes quickly so the images of him loving her body would dissipate, she moaned softly. “You’ll destroy me,” the words escaped her lips in a broken whisper of despair.

Lowering his head, his mouth scant inches from her ear he whispered, “Consequences be damned.” His words moved over her and unlocked the damn of emotions she had held in check for so long. Her hands tangled in his hair pulling his head down as her lips met his she kissed him with every ounce of passion she had longed to share with him.

His arms pulled her against him roughly and he deepened the kiss, his tongue imitating the way he would take her soon. She released his head and her hands moved to the front of his shirt delving underneath needing to feel his skin.

He slid the dress from her shoulders as his mouth moved from her lips down to her neck. He grazed the tender skin with his fangs. “Do it,” she begged desperately as she arched her neck back giving him greater access. He growled fighting again for control quickly lifting his mouth from her flesh by sheer willpower.

Cara whimpered in disappointment her nails scoring his back trying to draw him to her again. With no warning he grabbed her hands roughly and pinned them over her head. Grasping both her wrists in one strong hand his other moved to her bra ripping it away savagely. “When I sink my fangs in your flesh I will be so deep inside of you that you will never thing of another there.”

His words inflamed her even more and she raised her hips off the bed silently begging him to take her. His mocking laughter faded as his mouth lowered to the pale rosy tip of her breast and suckled it deeply into his mouth. “Oh God Eric!” she cried out loudly as a white hot shaft of pleasure moved from her breast to her sex. He was relentless as he worshiped her breasts with his tongue.

His shaft strained at the fabric of his pants at her cry and he stood abruptly to undress. Her eyes were riveted to his huge length and she felt her breath catch again in her throat. “Take me now,” she demanded breathlessly just the sight of him made her body feel like it was on the brink of ecstasy. He chuckled softly lowering his body down on top of hers.

His hips strained against hers and the tiny scrap of fabric between them became a nuisance. His hands were everywhere at once, on her breasts, her abdomen, and her hips undulated against his, the need so overwhelming she thought she would die if he didn’t mount her soon. Her nails dug into his back then grabbed his firm ass needing to feel even more of him.

“Please, Eric, please,” she could only whimper the desperation almost overwhelming as her body turned to liquid fire. With a suddenness that shocked her , he parted her thighs his mouth finding the core of her as his tongue delved deeply lapping up her sweet nectar.

Her head thrashed back and forth on the pillow and her hands clenched the sheets as her body came undone immediately, and still he continued tasting, teasing, bring her to the edge of her desire over and over again. When she could take no more she pulled away quickly and reached down to grasp his huge shaft in her hand. She stroked him lovingly as she ached to make him as out of control as she felt at that moment.

With as much strength as she could muster she pushed at him until he allowed himself to fall back on the bed. Her mouth suckled the head of him as her tongue danced in small circles around the tip. Her hand continued to massage him the rhythm in perfect sync. Relaxing her throat she took most of his long length and suckled him deeply. A soft moan escaped her lips at the incredible taste of him.

He was losing control quickly as he pulled away, flipping her over on her back he drove deeply inside her tight velvety sheath. She cried out loudly as he stretched her almost impossibly until she could feel him against her womb. She held her breath as her body adjusted to his massive size. Her breath escaped in a rush as he slowly withdrew, her silken folds clenching tightly aching for him to fill her again.

He drove into her fast and hard, the need to possess her drowning out any other desire. Over and over his hard shaft owned her body until she was screaming out his name, the pleasure was so intense. The sound of her screams echoed off the walls and he felt his body strain toward the elusive release that had his own grunt of pleasure filling the room. His fangs slid deeply into her neck as he released all his pent up passion deep inside of her. Her tender flesh constricted and milked him as she found her own release.

He drank in the intoxicating wine of her blood until his body was spent. He fell upon her completely content. His tongue moved in small circles over the place where his fangs and seared her flesh until he sealed the small wound.

With a grunt he pulled out of her trembling flesh and she moaned softly. She couldn’t stop the tears that slid down her cheeks as her body was so overwhelmed by the force of her release. Her entire body was shaking from the incredible force of the passion they had shared and she couldn’t remember ever being so completely held in the throws of such a desire before.

“Have I hurt you,” his words were soft as his hand slowly lifted to trace the path of her tears. Shaking her head, a soft smile found her face, “You saved me,” she whispered softly. He pulled her into his arms and held her until she fell into an exhausted sleep.

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