As she saddled up Demon Lover, the moonlight was pouring down from the sky and a cool breeze whispered around her. She rode him out into the night, feeling compelled for some strange reasons knowing she needed to do this. Stopping by the stream to let him drink, she caressed his fur and whispered soft soothing words against his graceful neck. With no warning whatsoever Demon Lover became agitated, and she was suddenly flying into the air in complete shock.

She never hit the ground, Eric caught her into his arms and she felt her heart race as she gazed into his icy blue eyes. Feeling the same nervous rush of adrenaline that she always felt when he was near, she could only wrap her arms around his neck and stare back at him. She was shocked that he was here, her mind filled with all the emotions that he brought out in her so easily. As he warned her not to ride again at night, she felt the familiar fear shiver through her body, it was so confusing how she could desire someone so deeply and be terrified of them at the same time.

He called Demon Lover back and she breathed a huge sigh of relief, as much as she wanted him she was frightened to be around him. When he sent her horse off without her, she felt that apprehension again, not sure just what his plans were with her. It was so hard always being on edge around him, not knowing if she pleased him, or if he would snap any moment and decide she wasn't worth his trouble and drain her.

He moved with a suddenness that took her breath away and pulled her onto his back. Again shocked for a few seconds, she could barely catch her breath. As he pulled her legs around his waist, the thoughts of fear completely left her, and desire flooded her entire being drowning out every other emotion. Wrapping her legs tightly around him and her arms around his neck, she pressed against him tightly breathing in deeply his scent. Closing her eyes she put her head against his shoulder, trembling for completely different reasons now, other than fear.

As he soared into the sky with her, she knew she should be terrified, but that fear never found her. She could think of absolutely nothing but how incredible it felt to be wrapped around him, and how she never wanted to leave, only feel this incredible passion for as long as she lived. As they landed she couldn't stop the moan of disappointment from leaving her lips. She unwrapped her legs from around his waist with deep regret, and found her own feet.

Needing to understand the feelings he was bringing out in her she turned away from him as Demon Lover found his way back to the stables. He encouraged her to bed down her horses, and her mind was so overwhelmed she had forgotten the prized stallions needs, something she had never done before. It was strangely intoxicating to need him more than the very air she breathed, and more than a little confusing. For whatever reason the fear of him at that moment was completely gone, and in it's place was the need to know just why he brought out these incredible feelings inside of her.

She bedded down Demon Lover, feeling Eric's eyes upon her the entire time, knowing he was watching her every move. It should have terrified her, but instead it excited her to the point where she could barely take a breath. There were a million reasons she should be afraid, he had killed countless people, he was known to be absolutely ruthless when a person disagreed with him, and he could destroy her without the smallest effort on his part. As she allowed those thoughts to penetrate the passion induced state for a moment, she considering running back to the house.

She had always ran whenever confronted with any situation that dealt with passion. She had waited so long to take her first lover, that honestly now she was afraid to even consider it. She had so many expectations of what it would be and so many fears that it wouldn't be the way she wished and she'd live with a lifetime of regret over the decision. But this was Eric, standing before her, he had been her dream lover for weeks, and with every dream she only wanted him more and more. No she definitely wouldn't run from him.

As he walked her back to the house after she had secured her stables for the night, her heart raced in anticipation and of course the slight fear that was barely worth mentioning that he might actually stay the night. As he told her goodnight she was torn between wanting him so desperately that she wanted to beg him to stay, and somewhat relieved because she wasn't sure she knew how to please him in that way. As he took off into the night, for the first time in her life she regretted that she hadn't had a lover before. She wished she had that experience so that when and if he ever came to her, she would know how to make sure it was a memorable experience for him.

She had no fanciful illusions that he would fall for her and stay with her for the rest of her life. And if she did she would never admit them to herself. What he could offer her was a memory that would last for eternity, one that somehow she knew she would never regret. She knew without any doubt whatsoever that she would wait for that experience, needing him to be the first that shared that experience with her. She would accept him on his terms, and find a way to deal with the consequences when their time was over.

It made her heart ache as she thought about how he would never truly be only hers, but she shook that emotion away with a stubborn lift of her chin. She wanted him, she needed him and if she admitted it to herself, she loved him. And if they only had one night together, she would share it with him and do her absolute best to never regret that decision. He was everything to her, as long as he allowed her to be in his life she would be there.

With her mind completely focused for the first time in her life, she went to bed feeling completely at peace with her own needs and feelings. She fell asleep quickly and dreamed about the lover he would be, somehow knowing that even her dreams could never compare to who he really was. Eric, her dream lover, her heart, her soul, and her deepest desire.

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