Im really looking forward to season 7 but intrigued to see where the finale will go. We have been advised by certain sources that a character in True Blood will be killed off before the opening credits roll on the 1st episode. Makes me long and hard recently as to who this character may be. Going through lists in my mind of who is still in the series and who is a well known character, I am hoping that they wont kill off a major character too soon ie: Sookie or Bill. I know from this season to definitely expect some new surprises and to see an independent Sookie take form. I also expect to see a few main character deaths as well.

I have enjoyed all the seasons of True Blood but felt like after Season 4 that the plot of the show had went sour a tad. I'm hoping with what Alan Ball has advised the TV guide that we will be able to go back to the very first reason; that they show Bill and Sookie and fingers crossed we will see them together and happy again. The other thing that has crossed my mind recently as well, is how they are planning on ending the Season 7 finale. Even though I hate the thought of my favorite program coming to an end, I am curious to see how they will end it. Will they end it like they ended season 6? Six months down the line Sookie with Alcide, who may even possibly have children or will the end it with Sookie and Bill? Or, with Bill as Sookie's maker and the couple finally end up happy together? Or, will they take a surprising twist and put Sookie and Eric together again? Who knows, but I am looking forward to the surprises this season, but not ready to let this program go! #truetotheend

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