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  • I live in Westeros, Gatlin, Panem, Mystic Falls, Hogwarts, Rosewood, Bon Temps, Collinsport, RMS Titanic, Defiance, The X-Manison, Camp Half-Blood, Ravenswood, Miss Robichaux's Academy, Beacon Hills
  • My occupation is Being the true bloodline of the Targaryens
  • I am a vampire Khaleesi of the Dothraki and heir to the Targaryen dynasty, Supreme, working in the Ministry
  • ChrysieeBoo Lovely

    Hey! I just wanted to ask you guys:

    Should the Southern Vampire Mysteries book series be apart of this wiki instead of it's own?

    Well I say: Hell yeah! Now I know that is has it's own wiki

    but no one really edits there and I see some pages needing attention and some users

    put book information into the wiki. Should we include all the pages form the 

    books' wiki and transfer it here and close down the book wiki. I know being a founder of a wiki is hard  but this wiki has been abandoned! No one edits there so, please comment, share, and keep editing!


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  • ChrysieeBoo Lovely

    We'll get guys! Just wanted to tell you that I am no longer an admin on the wiki. So just wanted to tell you guys that I love all your work and appreciation for this wiki. I still love to chat, but for new designs for this wiki… I know you love the red headers I got for this wiki :), I don't know if I can edit designs anymore. Thanks, So basically thanks boos!

    Well my other boo, Fleur thinks Queen Mab is a part of the Bill-Lilith-Warlow triangle. And I never got the chance to chat with her about it but I don't think that Mab is in this. But… I love Fleur's theory because in one of this seasons episodes, Sookie will travel to a "Fae Land" so maybe Mab is in the show again. But the actress who plays Mab is on the beautiful show Devious Maids.…

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  • ChrysieeBoo Lovely

    New Chat!

    June 21, 2013 by ChrysieeBoo Lovely

    Okay, chatters, I made a new chat for you guys I hope you like it has daytime for you humans and night time for all you vamps. It has Bon Temps, Fangtasia and you can make people drink your blood! It's still a work in progress!

    Comment your thoughts!

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  • ChrysieeBoo Lovely

    I’ve been posting photos of True Blood season 6. I’m sure there are more coming but for now we’ve got 6 things some of the cast members revealed about the show.

    1. What about Bill? “He is out to try and find out what he is and what he can do,” says Stephen Moyer. “He doesn’t know. He doesn’t know what his powers are, he doesn’t know what his purpose is.” 
    2. And Tara? ”We’re at war,” said Rutina Wesley. “They shut down all vampire-run business, there’s a curfew. It’s really tough to survive.”
    3. Rutina also spilled that she’ s involved in a very bloody scene with a “really cool stunt”. 
    4. Checking in with Jessica. ”I feel like every other day I’m covered in blood or dirt of some kind,” says Deborah Ann Woll. In the first episode she is involved in a very…
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  • ChrysieeBoo Lovely

    Hey Truebies!

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I am really vamped up for Season 6. In one more day we will

    have our new season! So we need to work hard and fast since we have limited 

    time! So I am here you give you some of my thoughts, and predictions on the new seasons! 

    So let me start off with the Stackhouses...

    Well, Sookie is my favorite character, next to Pam... But I really want to see more of the photokinesis power! I lovethe fae! And I wish Sookie would stop bitchin' about being a freak and start to own it. I also see Ben with Sookie, I don't know how that's gonna play out, but it might be good for Sook to stop with the vamps, who knows? I think that she will get stronger or a recharge on her powers, since Ben is there to help h…

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