Hey Truebies!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am really vamped up for Season 6. In one more day we will

have our new season! So we need to work hard and fast since we have limited 

time! So I am here you give you some of my thoughts, and predictions on the new seasons! 


So let me start off with the Stackhouses...

Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie Hair

Well, Sookie is my favorite character, next to Pam... But I really want to see more of the photokinesis power! I lovethe fae! And I wish Sookie would stop bitchin' about being a freak and start to own it. I also see Ben with Sookie, I don't know how that's gonna play out, but it might be good for Sook to stop with the vamps, who knows? I think that she will get stronger or a recharge on her powers, since Ben is there to help her out. 

I really want Sookie and Bill to be together, but since he is... who-knows-what, she might need some new guy. I don't not like Eric and Sookie together, but I am a huge fan of the  books and Sookie and Eric get this whole vampire-human blood bond thingy, which I do not like! Well basiclly I hope in the first episode Sookie can fend off Bill with her fae light. But he is now "Billith" and can probably withstand her fae light (since he can go in sunlight). Sookie will be getting harmed by Lafayette, I see and I just think Sookie will be a dumb bitch to not blast his ass! But we love us some LaLa, so lets think this out...


Sookie blasting Bill?

I just hope she goes to work! Sookie at work was one of Sookie's major plots in every book, because every book, Merlotte's always have some crazy shit happening because of Sook, so maybe the writers will not add that! And in book Sookie meets this were... but I'm not going into that because I have to do other characters... Sookie better get her life!

So next is the Womanizer!

Jason Stackhouse

So first off, this is going to be short, because I don't really care for Jason's storyline anymore. I mean we all love some Jason Stackhouse! He is fine, fresh, and fierce! But I don't like how the writers dismissed his turning into a werepanther! It is one of my favorite storylines in the books! But I guess he is now a medium? I don't like that have of the cast have either had Mediumship or been hinted to have it: Marnie, LaLa, Arlene, Mikey, and now Jason! OH HELLL NAH! I just wish Jason would stop hunting  Warlow and do something.... Well my theory is since he got hit by those Fairies blast he has been messed up! Since his father was part fae (or is that just in the books? Clear that up for me y'all) he probably has some fae energy that has been in Jason and awakened when Sookie blasted his ass across the yard.

Then... Jason gets hit by the elder, who probably banished him, or his mind, to the spirit realm? Or some shit like that! Well like Sookie, Jason better get his life!

Well now to the hottest vamp in Bon Temps!

Eric Northman


Well I do not really like Eric, but these couple of season 4-5 have got me thinking, that Eric is hot! But he is notright for Sookie! But he is a strong source of protection for her! He is the oldest vamp on the show! But his storyline is..........?  Okay I just remebered he's running from Bill.... Well I can't really think of anything about Eric in the sixith book, because Sookie is with Quinn (the weretiger) and I don't really having anything to say. I do know that he is not going to die! I know he is not going to be a vampire god like Bill! And I hope that he does not hook up with my Sookie! I see that he is going up against the govenor and I'd like to see how that goes! I hope he and Tara have more dialogue!

Well I can't really think of anything else to say! I am sorry team Eric!

Well let's go to my favorite character!



First off I am in love with Pam and her fashion! She is the most stylish bitch on TV! I love her, but I don't reallyknow what to say story-wise. I know she is with Jason and his tiny vamp convoy to look for Warlow in the top of the building (don't know why he got that idea) I just hope she kicks some ass! 

In the books, Pam is a minor comic. I hope she gets involved with teaching Tara vampire basics! I don't not like PAM AND TARA'S relationship as a couple! I love them both, but not together I don't want my sassy soul sister with my fashion princess! Not a cute match! I see Pam has been shot down in the trailer, so something must have happened! She and Tara better kick some vampire ass!

In my opinion Pam is a secret cry-baby, but she can still kick some... (I said kick ass like a thousand times, so you get the picture)! I just really need her to train Tara in glamouring and other moves, so that they can live throught the the war! I need to see more of Pam's vampire skill also! And Bill does owe Pam an ass whopping, from Season 3, but I think she will get all that is coming to her! Hopefully she and Sookie can be friends again. Because in the books, I love their relationship! So hopefully more fashion and fortune will come to Pamela!

Next is the progeny!

Tara Thornton


Tara has been the bitchy one in many of the fans' eyes, but I saw her as a fighter with no cause. She has alwaysbeen Sookie's best friend... Sookie is so-called "retarted" and it reflected bad on Tara because she already had bad experiences with her drunk mama. I love when Tara gets shot.... I just love how  the bullet hits half her head and the glass showers over her, loved that scene! But now that she's a vampire, she needs to learn glamor and how to defeat other species like shifters. I think that with her combat skills she's able to protect herself, but she needs more help with her vampire emotions. 

I think she and Jessica need to form an alliance. So let's see how our baby vamp turns out!

Next is our not so baby vamp!

Jessica Hamby


Last Jessica was a hot mess! I love her, but she was just... no! I didn't like the energy she gave off last season,thefrat guys and then the hide me I'm scared! I didn't really get why she was dumb enough to come out when Pam was getting arrested, but things happen. I loved her and Tara, I like the fight and their relationship. But I think Bill needs to get his brains together and keep her alive. I really hope the vampire rules doesn't apply to Bill, because he is now like a monster, then he'll be a monster with control over Jessica! 

I hope that they will show a side of Jessica that is sexy and sassy!

Next is the Lone Wolf!

Alcide Herveaux


Well last season we know that Alcide has been crowned the packmaster. Now Alcide has been goingthroughsomethings and I haven't really been feeling his storyline.... Now I'll tell you the reason he should die... Alcide is a werewolf, a fine ass one too, but I think that the packmaster-thingy has gone to his head. Because I seen two girls Alcide has been with Rikki and Debbie. Now Debbie was the psyco bitch, I don't know if y'all remeber. And Rikki has been good to Alcide. But I guess he is cheating on him with no other than... Danielle! The bitch that will be punching LaLa. I was wondering why she was there instead of Rikki, but know we know why! Or maybe it was a threesome? Because Rikki was signaling for someone to come.

In the books, Alcide has never cheated, and he is loyal like a dog! Now the show is way far from the books and I want to know what the hell did Dani and Alcide punch out Sam and LaLa? Maybe because Luna revealed the shifters and weres were real, and they went to
Dani and Alcide
Sam and LaLa was there also? I don't know anything yet, but is my prediction for that were. 

I think our Lone Wolf will find his home..

Now, man's best shifter!

Sam Merlotte


Sam has alot in store! I think that Luna is dead and Sam is going to have to watch over Emma. Now Sam andLuna have just gotten back on good terms. I hope we get to see her one last time. I want her to die! It's just everytime I turn around Sam has no one. He picks the wrong girl everytime!

Now here's a huge spoiler. In the last book, Sookie ends up with Sam, so maybe that will play out in future seasons? Who knows. All I know is a love it when LaLa calls Sam "boyfriend." But since Luna has exposed vamps and turned on TV... we need to know who's gonna survive the war! It is also possible that since Emma is a wolf, the pack come to take her, but Luna is dead and Sam is keeping her. So they come over and beat him down and take Emma back.

And this Nicole girl might be Sam's next girl! I just hope he and Alcide don't
have it in.... Forever!

Now, your Ghetto Queen on this True Blood scene, keeping it oh so mean with the gangsta lean, gurl!

Lafayette Reynolds


I think LaLa is the funniest character on TV! I love his style and flare. Look all you want, just don't touch the hair! Ihope that Jesus can be revived and that we see LaLa with love again. The video at Arelene's wedding in season 5 made me wanna cry! I wish he gets what he desirves. I also think that he better get Dani's ass! I don't play! I still don't understand is he a witch or a meduim or a demon? All three? Just two? I am confused.

I think Lafayette will die because he is does not live in the books... So we will see. I also am sick of shotguns in True Blood... Debbie! Sookie! Now LaLa... He better use it! I also say him try to drown  Sookie! Maybe it is Lilith trying to
Sookie and LaLA
sacrifice the abomination or is it some other ghost?

He needs to get his life!

Now the monster of the season!

Bill Compton

Bill and Lilith

I love me some BEELLLL! Him and Sookie better have sex this season! Just kidding. I want him and Sookietogether. I hate that for the last two seasons they have been trying to play Bill! ... Like no! I really don't want him to be the object of destruction! I want him to help Sookie. And maybe help out with the Warlow thing!  I see Jason flying into the wall... And Bill opening Sookie's door, maybe he opened it and flung Jason!? 


In the books, after Sookie finds out (in the sixth book) that Bill was sent to spy on Sookie, she stops loving him! I want them together, and I don't want him to want to eat her! 

Lilith, you better back off bitch! I am coming!  Please don't KILL BILL!

And so is Bill.... Let the beginning of the end, begin!

Storylines I do not care about


Terry and Arlene

After the whole Ifrit thing, I do not care what they do with the Bellefluers! Where the fuck is Coby and Lisa!!!? I just wish that they would follow the books and let Arelene join the Fellowship and try to kill Sookie and then g
o to jail. That! I would care about!

Andy and the four fae

Again the Bellefluers have the worst storyline! I would like to see how it all plays out. But for right now those babies need to go. I hope Warlow gobbules them up! Andy might go ask Sookie for help. That would be cool! But in the books, Andy goes out with a school teacher and she has a kid. They have a dubble wedding for Andy and Portia. I think any storyline is better than this one!

Storylines I would like to see

Hoyt and Holly

In the books, Holly and Hoyt get married and luckly Hoyt likes kids. I would like to see that instead of Hoyt leaving.

Characters I think are/will be dead

I reason I have not talked about your characters are because I think they are dead!



Luna has passed death 3 times... Just die bitch!


I like Nora, I love her skills but I think she needs to go. She will probably mess up Eric and Sookie's relationship. Isee that she nows Warlow... So we need to see what happenes. On the other hand I think they are foreshadowing Nora's death with all these trailers. She is probably on the run from the humans and they blast her. I see her in Fangtasia with her brown jacket when Eric breaks the glass, but I see her getting shot in the green jacket. She is nowhere else... There is no way Nora's death will sit well with Eric and he'll probably kill some

Let's see if I'm right!


  • Warlow will suprise us
  • Warlow is Niall
  • Sookie gets more fae-ish
  • Jason will tell Sook of the illusions of the parents.



I love these pic and I bet you will too!

Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment. Looking forward to the live chat! I'm free for chat, just message me! ChryssieeSig

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